A selection of certifications, some from last year some from this year.
What's in a Template? (UROC paper with Hazel Levine)
Chair of the Workforce Development TAC of the QED-C for 2021.
David Deutsch's Lectures on Quantum Computation (with Ben Webb)
Certificate in Quantum Mechanics from Georgetown.
EdX Course Creator Plus Professional Certificate (Fall 2020)
Certificate in Quantum Engineering from the University of Chicago (Sep. 21-24, 2020)
One more MIT xPRO program completed: Quantum Realities, Universal Computation (scores: 95% and 92%).
TU Delft courses completed: Quantum Hardware / Quantum Algorithms (my scores were 100% and 96%).
This summer I was part of IBM QGSS: perfect score, certificates of participation and quantum excellence.
I am now a member of the Washington Quantum Computing Group (DC)
SIGCSE (Portland, Ore.) Quantum Computing for Undergraduates (full-day pre-symposium event).
I am the Center Organizing Manager for the IU Quantum Science and Engineering Center (IU-QSEc)
I am also on the Steering Committee for the IU - Notre Dame - Purdue - IUPUI Strategic QSE Partnership
Representing the CSCI department on the new NSF NRT MS grant proposal (one of only two affiliates).
Successfully completed the MIT xPro Fundamentals program (scores of 98% and 99% respectively).
Part of the MIT xPro Quantum Realities program scheduled for later this summer.
Going through Keio University's four week course in just one day resulted in this.
Here's the first page of my 2019 Faculty Annual Report supplemental material.
SICE SoTL Group Theme for the year: Gamification in On-line Classes
Independent Study Student: Ben Webb (Luddy Connect, February 29, 2019)
Three questions (and three exercises) for Cay H. (and VitalSource).
Computer Science Chair's Insight Board.
New Orleans: Teaching Professor Conference
Belfast: The Learner Conference (Presentation)
CSCI Colloquium: Quantum Computing for Sophomores
Copenhagen, Denmark: ECEL Conference (Presentation)
San Jose, CA: Q2B Practical Quantum Computing Conference
Independent Study Students: Andrew Weissman, Lukas Cavar, Brandon McShane
C211 for the Impatient: Lecture notes.
Compare with this (written 16 years ago).
Students: Rhys Clark, Rafael Nieves, Anthony Chamberlain, Dhruv Agnihotri, Jashan Patel.
2018 Commencement: CSCI Platform Faculty behind The Mighty Quinn Buckner.
UEC/NMMC: Mike Geig. / BFC and BFC MC.
Algorithms and Problem Solving in Data Science
Data Science Primer for Life Sciences Students
C212 for the Impatient. / HtDP3e in JS (both volumes).
Teaching Professor Conference in Atlanta, June.
Enhancing TDD and BDD with version control (SIGCSE)
Summer: teaching C211/A591 and C212/A592.
Spring: teaching A348/A548, H212/E111 and C322.
Helping with A290/A590 CGI/PHP JS and C212/A598.
Attended O'Reilly's Fluent 2017 @SanJose week of 06/19-24
Elected to Faculty Mediation Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council (06/22)
Member of the CSCI FAC (Non-Major Education Committee) for 2016-17
Established IU SoIC SoTL Research Group
SIGITE 2016 in Boston: NoSQL for Educators (Workshop)
SOTL Syposium in Banff, Canada (Organized by Mount Royal University): Paper
SIGCSE 2016 (Memphis, TN): Pre-Symposium Event (Workshop with Pearson)
Independent Studies Students: Santiago Salmeron, Wonyong Ha
Courses taught: C212/H212/A592, A290/A590, A348/A548
Peer reviewer for SIGCSE.
ISSOTL 2015 (Melbourne, Australia): Decoding in STEM Disciplines
SIGCSE 2015 (Kansas City, Missouri): Paper Session Chair
Independent Studies Students: Mardin Yadegar, Erik Petersen.
Learner-Sighted Practices in Decoding (Collegium presentation)
Courses taught: C211/H211/A591, C212/H212/A592
Peer reviewer for SIGCSE, ITiCSE and ECEL.
SIGCSE 2014 (Atlanta, Georgia): Decoding Computer Science and Informatics
Member of the CSCI Department Web Committee
Coordinator of the CSCI Peer Tutoring Program
Courses taught: C211/A591, A348/A548, C212/A592, A202/A598, A290/A590
Peer reviewer for SIGCSE 2015.
SIGCSE 2013 (Denver, Colorado): Peer Instruction Session Chair
ITiCSE 2013 (Canterbury, England): Jump-Starting TBL in the CSCI Classroom
Phase II SOTL Grant (with Suzanne Menzel and John F Duncan): Decoding Computer Science and Informatics
April: Self-Assessment and Learning (Collegium Presentation)
March: Nomination - 2013 Celebration of Women in Computing
ECEL-2013 (Paris, France): Conference Committee
Invited to join Program Committe for the European Conference on Social Media (England, 2014)
Member of the UEC CSCI Committee
Member of the CSCI Department Web Committee
Coordinator of the CSCI Peer Tutoring Program
Courses taught: C212/A592, A348/A548, C211/A597, A202/A598, A290/A590
Independent study: DaeHee Lee, Ian Good, John Rudzinski
Peer reviewer for SIGCSE 2014.
MTD Organizer.
FACET/Falcon Conference fellow.
Poster presentation 2013 Fall Celebration of Innovative Teaching.
SOTL and FACET session: Perspectives on Student Learning (April 27, 10am-12pm)
ECEL-2012: Invited to join the Conference Committee
Collegium: John Hattie videotalk
Collegium: TBL Case Studies (Shopkow/Schlegel)
Collegium: Emotions and Learning (Pace/Guidry)
Spring Semester: Decoding of Disciplines FLC
SIGCSE 2012 Session Chair (Collaborative Learning)
Calculating Space (with Hector Zenil) -- to appear in A Computable Universe
10/19: Geoff Petty Talk in Info West 105 (England-Skype-Bloomington-Polycom-IUPUI c/o Dave Cooley)
10/06: SOTL Faculty Poster Showcase (Frangipani, IMU @11:00am- 4:00pm)
08/29: Transcription of David Deutsch talk finished, to appear in A Computable Universe
02/11: Randomness Through Computation published (covertitle).
Inside: dedication and acknowledgementsauthor indexauthor index)
04/20: "Extreme Scaffolding in the Teaching and Learning of Programming Languages"
Abstract accepted 10th European Conference on eLearning (11/11, Brighton, UK)
08/30: Here's the paper, accepted for publication (notification sent earlier today).
11/05: Book Review Collaborative Learning Techniques (Barkley/Cross/Major)
May: Book dedicated to Ray J Solomonoff is published.
09/06: Book Review Evidence-Based Teaching (Petty)
02/09: Collegium Presentation ("Who Represents the Interests of Non-Majors?")
July 11-13: Microsoft Research Faculty Summit
SIGCSE 2010: Session Chair (Assessment)
21st Century Learning Spaces Grant Approved for Funding
An Experiment in Emergent Thinking: On My Mind
IDAH/D2I: Grant Proposal submitted with Olena Chernishenko (Dept. of Linguistics)
IUCGR: Grant Proposal submitted with Charles Reigeluth (School of Education)
SOTL: Attended Eric Mazur's Peer Instruction Presentations (followed up with his group)
SOTL: Attended Regan Gurung's talk, and took these notes on my iPhone (I was not texting!).
Sallybagelspasta: teaching object-oriented concepts by analogy.
Collegium Retreat: materials. (Reminder: two papers from Joan)
Jan. 27-29, at Emergent in Chapel Hill, NC: Advanced Gamebryo Course for Developers (Engineering Track)
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference (contextsummary of Larry Michaelsen's Team-Based Learning talks)
Attending the 2009 International Mathematica User Conference in Champaign, IL (Teachers' Workshop on Sat 10/23)
Transcript of the 2008 Midwest NKS Round Table discussion (to be included in a book under development)
A second transcript for the same book (Panel at NKS 2007 in Burlington, VT)
Students: Lei Chen (Y790, Gamebryo/Lightspeed). Also Chabane Maidi, Jordan West, Terry Lewis.
Won Trustees Teaching Award in the School of Informatics; promoted to Senior Lecturer of Computer Science
SIGCSE 2008 (Facilitator, BOF Session on Multiplayer Games, with B. Ottesen, March, in Portland, OR)
Invited to: 3rd Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development (GDCSE'08), Miami, FL.
2008 Midwest NKS Conference (Co-chair, website), see conference program, and final conference poster
Transparent networking (sketch/start of a tutorial that will eventually describe John Catherino's package)
Classes taught: A290/A590 (spring, spring, summer, summer, fall, fall), A348/A548 (spring, fall)
Students: Bjorn Ottesen (MIME), Jacob Henry (BUS), Paul Banning (IUAA/IUF), Josh Ols (CSCI)
SIGCSE 2007 (Faculty Poster: Blender and Python in CS2, Covington, KY)
Dynamic Days 2007: On a Conjecture by Graham and Erdos (poster accepted for presentation, Boston, MA)
2007 NKS Conference (two presentations, conference and summer school held in Burlington, VT)
Classes taught: A348/A548 (springfall), A201/A597 (summer), A202/A598 (springsummer), A290/A590 (fallfall
Independent study students: Dan Bicknell (SLIS), Vamsi Gadey (Informatics), Kyungeun Carina Lee (Harmony HS)
Service: Participating in the new Axxx Curriculum Task Force.
52nd Midwest Theory Day (Organizer, with Paul Purdom)
2006 NKS Conference (one presentation, in Washington, DC)
Book: Essentials of Web Programming (Pearson Education, with A. Bond and R. Henderson)
Attended CRA Academic Careers Workshop (Feb 27-28) in Washington, DC
Classes taught: A348/A548 (springfall), A201/A597 (summer III), A202/A598 (springfall)
MIME Students: Don Mitchell, Aenglan Kim, Aaron Holladay, Ji Young Chong, Youn Sook Song
Service: developed course companion notes for correspondence course A114 Intro to Databases for IU School of Continuing Studies
2005 Midwest NKS Conference (co-Chair, with Anthony Martin)
Book: Soliloquy (in Java) (published with Wiley and sons)
JETT 2005 (Operating Systems Concepts with Java, Introduction to Java 3D)
Stealing Cycles one Object at a Time (paper submitted to ICPADS 2005)
Presentations at the 51st (Dec., Univ. of Wisconsin Milwaukee) and 50th Midwest Theory Day (May, UIUC)
Classes taught: A201/A597 (spring), A348/A548 (springfall), A202/A598 (summerfall)
Independent study students: Aaron Bond (CSCI)
Service: Assisted OVPIT/UITS with Postem feature addition to OnCourse (Sakai implementation by Russel Duhon)
2004 NKS Conference (poster presentation, in Boston, MA)
FIE 2004: RMI: Observing the Distributed Pattern (Savannah, GA)
The Net Worth of an Object Oriented Pattern (ICPADS 2004, Los Angeles, CA)
JETT 2004: (Java Foundation ClassesNetworked GamesThe Basic Framework)
Books: The (Mostly) Open-Source Web (published with Wiley and sons), sOAKed in Java (published with McGraw Hill)
Classes taught: A201/A597 (springsummer), A348/A548 (springsummerfall), A113 (fall), A114 (fall)
Service: CSCI/INFO A2xx/I2xx Curriculum TaskForce (Operational Expectations for CS1).
Students: Anthony Martin (Physics)
Computer Science Department Teaching Excellence Award
IU Trustees Teaching Award (Finalist)
Classes taught: T540 (spring), A201/A597 (springsummer), A348/A548 (springsummerfall), A113 (fall), A114/I111 (fall)
MIME Students: Joshua Fleetwood, Omprakash Pathipaka, Jae-Yeon Hwang, Will Emigh
Service: participated in the creation of the Telecom New Media Certificate curriculum
Paid reviewer for Prentice Hall, Jones and Bartlett, Addison-Wesley etc.
Student Choice Teaching Award (Nomination)
Materials for A201/A597 and A348/A348 first made available through IU ClassPak Publishing.
Classes taught: T540 (spring), A201/A597 (springsummer), A348/A548 (springsummerfall), A113 (fall), A114 (fall)
Invited by McGraw Hill to Weekend Teaching Symposium in Chicago.
IU Trustees Teaching Award (Nomination)
Student Choice Teaching Award (Nomination)
Classes taught: A201/A597 (springsummer), A348/A548 (springfall), A113 (fall), A114 (fall)
MIME students: Don Strawser
Service: Established web development certificate program for IU School of Continuing Studies
Classes taught: A201/A598 (springsummer), A348/A548 (fall), A113 (fall), A114 (fall)
Independent study students: Shameem Farouk, Louise Yuan (both from the School of Business)
Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA, CSCI)
Classes taught: A348/A548 (fall), A202/A598 (springsummer)
MIME Students: Sangwook Park (MS Thesis: Network Orchestra)
Classes taught: A348/A548 (fall)
In (non-diagrammatic) retrospect: motivation for the 1995 vpcps paper (in scheme).
(The original paper was offering a diagrammatic lambda calculus, starting from the observations made here).
Quizsite (developed at BEST)
Myrtle Beach paper (with Hung-Luen Chen, 1997 Computers on Campus National Conference)
Postem (developed at BEST)
Attended 1996 AERA Annual Meeting (April 8-12, New York)
Part of the 1996 SunSoft Technology Exchange (May 14-16, Boston, MA)
Visual Patterns for Continuation Passing Style (paper submitted to the Darmstadt Conference)
Originally developed for Jon K. Barwise, under Gerry Allwein's guidance, it has helped shape A348/A548.
The Golden Mean Shift is the Set of 3x+1 Itineraries (turned into an NKS 2004 Conference poster presentation)
A Closed Curve that Sweeps the Floor (eventually turned into a 2006 NKS Conference presentation)