Indiana University Quantum Information Science
and Engineering IU QISE Student Journal Club

Online Proceedings and Calendar
Session 1 Agenda (Tuesday, September 27, 2022)Shoemaker Innovation Center
Today's proceedings will be moderated by Arpan Ojha (Graduate Student in Data Science, Club President)
07:00-08:30pm This was the first meeting of the year, focused on club structure and goals.
Not everybody could make it. Discord channel, hybrid modality discussed.
Session 2 Agenda (Tuesday, October 11, 2022)Hybrid: Zoom and Luddy 2069
Today's proceedings will try to establish a Steering Committee for this club
07:00-08:30pm The following have agreed to serve on the IU QISE SJC Steering Committee:
  • President: Arpan Ojha (Data Science Program)
  • Vice-President: Alex Alani (IU School of Music)
  • Secretary: Thomas Burkle (MS in QIS Program)
  • Faculty Liaison: Shawn Gibford (MS in QIS Program)
  • Treasurer: Micah Roberson (Finance, Kelly School of Business)
  • Faculty Sponsor: Adrian German (Computer Science)
Additional positions remain available for the asking.
Session 3 Agenda (Tuesday, November 15, 2022)Available via Zoom
Today's Zoom link will be available from the host Arpan Ojha (IU QISE SJC President) Video recording of the talk.
CQT and IU QSEc Distinguished Speaker
Prof. Alexander Gumennik
Director of ISE FAMES Lab
Assistant Professor of Intelligent Systems Engineering
Quantum Hardware and Quantum-Enabling Systems at IU FAMES
The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.
Quantum Education Workshop (Thu-Mon, November 17-21, 2022)Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Three of us will take part in this year's Schroedinger's Class ( welcome book)
Workshop held at the Institute of Quantum Computation on the University of Waterloo Campus.
The goal is to try to establish a similar outreach program here in Indiana.
Back in Indiana from the workshop here's our little report .
Find more about Schroedinger's Class here (look under June 8).
Session 4 Agenda (Tuesday, December 13, 2022)Available via Zoom
Today's Zoom link will be available from the host Arpan Ojha (IU QISE SJC President) Video recording of the talk.
CQT and PQSEI Distinguished Speaker
Prof. Sasha Boltasseva
Ron and Dotty Garvin Tonjes Professor Of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Courtesy Appointment in Materials Engineering
Purdue University Quantum Science Center, Workforce Development Lead
Using Classical Machine Learning to Improve Quantum Photonics
The talk will be followed by a Q&A session. Some materials to review before the talk are listed here.
We gratefuly acknowledge Dr. Demid Sychev's presentation today:
Session 5 Agenda (Tue, Jan 24, 2023)Myles Brand I107 (and via Zoom)
This is the first in a series of interactive tutorials hosted by AJ Rasmusson (Phil Richerme Group) Video recording of today's talk.
7-8pm EST
IU QSEc Distinguished Speaker
AJ Rasmusson (Grad Student in Phil Richerme's Group)
Also part-time Intern with IBM Quantum (new paper here)
Learning Experiences for New Researchers
Steps needed for a trotterized time evolution on noisy hardware.
Error mitigation and optimization of quantum circuits.
This will be an interactive tutorial for all club members.
Today the Luddy Research Tribune wrote about our club and its initiatives. Our next goal is an article in IDS towards the end of March
Outreach and Competitions (MIT iQuHack 2023)Boston, MA and Bloomington, IN
A club logo is currently being designed.
Jan 27-29, 2023

Our club is taking part (remotely and in person) in the MIT Quantum Hackathon
Micah Roberson was part of Carls' who won third place in the Quantinuum competition.
January 29-31 (Arlington, VA)
IU's Bridge to Quantum Stem (slides, extended abstract).

Presented at the Workshop for Quantum Workforce Development.

Congratulations also to Alex Alani who received two offers of internship for Summer 2023: Argonne and U-Dub (WA)

Session 6 Agenda (Tue, Feb 21, 2023)Available in person and via Zoom
Prof. Ricardo Decca has agreed to give a lightning talk to our club this semester. Video recording of this session
CQT and IUPUI Nanoscale Imaging Center Distinguished Speaker
Prof. Ricardo Decca, IUPUI School of Science
Professor and Department Chair, Physics
Co-Director of Nanoscale Imaging Center
Hardware for Quantum Sensing
The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.
March 6 Officially an IU SGSO
Today seems to be the day the club has officially become an IU SGSO.

You can read all about SGSOs here.
March 15-18 (Toronto, Canada)
Traveling to Toronto to present this paper. The club's influence on the paper has been indirect but significant.

March 23-24 (Chattanooga, TN)
Three of us will be attending the QED-C Plenary to present a report.

Session 7 Agenda (Hopefully Tue, Mar 28, 2023)In person and via Zoom
In talks with Scott Packard (Qubitekk) for a talk to our club on this date. Video recording of this session
Scott Packard, Project Manager at Qubitekk, Inc.
The EPB Quantum Network (powered by Qubitekk)
The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.
Quantum Day (April 15, 2023)In person and via Zoom
This will be a campus event co-hosted with Jacobs School of Music for outreach and recruiting. Video recording of this session
Click on the pics below for a larger version of each pic.
John Donohue Stefano Gogioso James Weaver Brian Ingmanson Tanwi Mallick
Tentative location for this event is IU Jacobs School of Music's MAC 070 (panoramic view). We will actually be in MAC066.
Here's the flyer and the agenda for the event. Proceedings will be recorded by Bloomington Gramophone.
We also acknowledge the expert assistance of IU Conferences.
Our goal is for this event to be a full-day campus-wide event.
Goal remains increased collaboration between students at IU QSEc and the rest of the CQT.
Going back to Indiana National Lab Day (in October 2019) here's a video with Jeff Zaleski (IU) and Yong Chen (Purdue QSEI).
We have a few other distinguished guests from Canada, the UK and the CQT that we've invited for this event (so watch this space for updates).
In addition to these milestones any additional events that develop will be indexed/recorded here as they occur.

Next year's online proceedings will be available here.