Tentative/Draft Schedule of the Q2E Track at Q2B 2021
Organized by the Workforce Development TAC of the QED-C
Santa Clara, CA. Date is December 7, 2021 (a Tuesday).
Program chairs for this special track (Q2E) on behalf of QED-C WF TAC:
Chris Bishop (Inside Quantum Technology (MC), Improvising Careers (Chief Reinvention Officer))
Adrian German (IU QSEc Acting Organizing Manager and QED-C Workforce TAC Chair)
Eventually this should be just a local copy of the official workshop agenda.
Part I: The Supplier Perspective Q2E Workforce Development
This session's chair is Jake Douglass from the Sandia National Laboratories
The panel moderator will be Doug Finke from the Quantum Computing Report
02:00-02:05pm Opening Remarks
Dr. Corey Stambaugh, Senior Policy Advisor
National Quantum Coordination Office
OSTP, Executive Office of the President
Certificate Programs in Quantum Engineering and Technology
Dr. Kate Timmerman, Executive Director
(Q-NEXT and) The Chicago Quantum Exchange
Incubators for Future Master's Students
Prof. Terrill Frantz, Ph.D, Ed.D
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Master's Programs in Quantum Information Science / Quantum Computing
Prof. Robert J Joynt
M.S. (Physics) Quantum Computing Program Director
University of Wisconsin at Madison
Integrating Undergraduates in a Quantum Engineering Curriculum
Dr. Eliot Kapit, Associate Professor of Physics
Director of Quantum Engineering
Colorado School of Mines
Combining Research, Training, and Mentorship
Umesh Vazirani (Roger A Strauch Professor EE/CSCI @UCBerkeley)
Berkeley NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute (QLCI/CIQC)
Panel Discussion
Participants: all speakers listed above
Moderator: Doug Finke
Coffee and Networking Break
Part II: The Consumer Perspective Q2E Workforce Development
This session's chair is Tim Rambo from Quantum Opus LLC
The panel moderator will be Zac Dutton from Raytheon BBN
On the Job Training
Mark W Johnson, Ph.D. (D-Wave)
Salvatore Guarnieri (Montana Instruments)
Helping Businesses Get Started
Piotr Kulczakowicz, Quantum Innovation/Commercialization
at the Quantum Startup Foundry (University of Maryland)
and Preeti Chalsani, Deputy Director at Duality (Chicago)
What Companies See in Terms of Applicants
Martha Lucia Primo (unable to attend)
Client Services Director
Small vs. Large Companies Perspectives
Duncan Earl (President and CTO of Qubitekk)
Scott Davis (CEO and Founder of Vescent Photonics)
Panel Discussion (Moderator: Zac Dutton)
All speakers listed above plus Dr Jay Lowell
Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Engineer
Boeing Disruptive Computing & Networks

Special thanks to Krystal Bouverot, Celia Merzbacher and Diana Franklin.

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