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1 Get to know this course
2 Get to know your instructors

Syllabus quiz🔗

This assignment is due on Friday, January 26 at 11:59pm.

1 Get to know this course🔗
  1. Print out our syllabus.

  2. Read it thoroughly.

  3. Sign it with a pen.

2 Get to know your instructors🔗

Be sure to allow 10 minutes for this process. There is less of a rush if you come before the Friday deadline.

  1. Bring your printed, read, and signed syllabus to a brief chat with any member of the course staff, not at a lecture or a lab, but either during Tutoring (in the second week of classes) or by making a separate appointment.

  2. We will introduce ourselves and ask you to introduce yourself.

  3. We will also quiz you briefly on the syllabus.