You can do many things at tutoring:
  • Get help on any exercise, whether future or past.

  • Work on a problem set together, as long as y’all start from scratch afterwards.

  • Chat with other students, even without any specific question.

  • Ask an instructor to review a particular topic.

  • Watch lecture videos and do lecture exercises together. Pause for confusion and exercises!

  • Correct recently returned problem sets.

  • Ask any question!

The table below shows who conducts tutoring where.
  • “Inside” means Luddy Hall room 0121, a shared computer lab. Because Luddy 0121 is a shared space, you might need to ask “who’s here for 211?” when you get there.

  • “Virtual” means on Zoom. The Zoom link will be posted on Discord in the #tutoring channel.

Temporary changes to tutoring hours are posted on Discord and below. Tutoring begins with the second week of classes, so there won’t be tutoring during the first week of classes. There also won’t be tutoring on the Wednesday after each midterm, and during final exam week.

Even when we don’t have tutoring scheduled, you can come to Luddy 0121 or Discord to talk with the other students (without sharing solutions).