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CIS 210 F96
Introduction to Computer Science

Art Farley
Amr Sabry
Michael Hennessy

210 Syllabus Office Hours Assignments
Announcements 200 News Group Source Files
B13 Kla Help B26 Kla Help Grade book
210 Staff Pages 210 Student Pages

Course Policies

Role of 210 Web Pages
Policy on Electronic Distribution of Information.
Deadlines and Due-dates.
Policy on milestones.
How to stay out of the Dean's office.
Course Workload & Time Management
How much time will you need to budget for CIS 210?
Policy on Extra Credit.

Lab Help Pages

B26 C++ Tips 96F
How to use the C++ Environment in B26 Klamath
Software Tutorials
More practice: How to Use the C++ Environment in B26 Klamath.

Review Pages/Exam Keys

CIS Student Organizations

Microcomputer Help Via E-mail


Stumped by a microcomputing problem (not homework)?

The Computing Center's Microcomputer Consulting and Services has established the above e-mail address to serve you. Describe your problem in as much detail as possible, and a consultant will respond within one working day.

If you have further questions, stop by the Microcomputer Consulting office (CC 202a), or call them at 6-4412. The office is open M-F 9-5 p.m.