Extra Credit Policy

"MetaPoints" will occasionally be offered for doing extra credit work on an assignment.

MetaPoints are not added in to the regular points you earn in the course; therefore, there is no penalty for not electing to solve extra credit problems.

MetaPoints are recorded separately for you in the course gradebook. The only time your MetaPoints play any role in the course is in computing your final grade: if you are on the cusp between two grades (e.g., you have 96% (A) and 97% would get you an A+), then your MetaPoints can act as a "tie-breaker" in favor of the higher grade. Otherwise, MetaPoints are ignored.

Time permitting, we encourage you to try the extra credit problems given as a means of getting additional practice in developing c++ programs. These skills will be important as you progress through the major. You should not, however, spend any time on extra credit problems until you have completed your regular coursework. Extra credit does not substitute in any way for sub-standard work.