Problem 1

  1. BNF
  2. A data type is a specific set of data values along with a set of operations on those values.
  3. A constant is a location in memory, referenced by an identifier, where a data value that cannot be changed is stored.
  4. The implicit (automatic) conversion of a value from one data type to another is called coercion.
  5. The C++ standard library defines a data type named ifstream that represents a stream of characters coming from an input files.
  6. In your weekly lab session, the function ccommand() is used for I/O redirection.
  7. A postcondition is an assertion that should be true after a block of code has finished executing.
  8. c
  9. 120 50 170
  10. 15
  11. d
  12. 10

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4