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  1. (June 7, 2000) Final exam source, and solution.

  2. (May 31, 2000) The complete code for a type inferencer is available under "code".

  3. (May 19, 2000) My implementation of exceptions is available under "code".

  4. (May 16, 2000) Regarding the grading of the final homework. To simplify things, I would like to briefly meet with each of you (or each group if you are working in groups) to discuss the homework. Please send me mail to set up an appointment after the due date.

  5. (May 12, 2000) The threads homework is based on the paper "Safe-for-Space Threads in Standard ML" available from http://foxnet.cs.cmu.edu/papers.html. Consult the paper for more details.

  6. (May 12, 2000) I added a directory "tests" for the OO homework: /cs/classes/cis624/www/code/oo/tests.

  7. (May 10, 2000) New midterm grades are online. It turned out the raw grades did not reflect the obvious improvement that I saw in several people, so I graded the new midterm out of 100. One person got 90 but that grade got truncated to 80 as promised in the original mail. Even with that adjustement, only 3 people managed to improve their grades, so I added an additional 10 points to everybody's grade (with the one exception of the person who got 90 truncated to 80). With that final adjustment 6 people out of the 10 who took the second midterm improved their grades. Unfortunately, some of these improvements are not significant (e.g., a 20/100 went to 30/100).

  8. (May 10, 2000) Midterm II solution.

  9. (May 5, 2000) I plan on having the make-up midterm in class on Wed 5/10. Only those people taking the midterm should come to class.

  10. (May 4, 2000) We will have a second midterm graded out of 80. Anybody who got less than 80 on the first midterm is welcome to attend. I will take the maximum of the two scores. There will be no other chances for major improvements in your grade. I will only use extra credit problems for minor adjustements in your final grade, e.g. from B+ to A- but not from C to A. Stay tuned for further details on time and place for the new midterm.

  11. (May 3, 2000) Midterm solution.

  12. (May 1, 2000) I've put my solutions of Homeworks 3 and 4 under the link to code.

  13. (April 26, 2000) Today's lecture about factorial and CPS is available under the link to code.

  14. (April 21, 2000) I have updated the schedule.

  15. (April 17, 2000) The date for the UO Programming Competition has moved.

  16. (April 11, 2000) I am getting the feeling that many of you would benefit if we slowed down a bit, to consolidate our understanding of interpreters so far. Let's delay Assignment 3 until April 24, 2000. (I may add something to it though.)

  17. (April 10, 2000) As the schedule mentions, there will be NO CLASS this Friday. I forgot to mention this in class today.

  18. (April 10, 2000) I have included several files that might be helpful for Homework 3. Please look back at the assignment page for details.

  19. (April 10, 2000) Look under code for the encoding of pairs in the lambda-calculus, implemented in ML and Java.

  20. (April 4, 2000) UO Programming Competition announcement .

  21. (April 4, 2000) Your colleague Michael Richard pointed that some people at Raytheon Missile Systems (of the Patriot fame) are using SML. Here is a link to one of their senior scientists where he discusses some issues related to programming languages.

  22. (April 3, 2000) Look under code for three variants of the interpreter for homework 1: static scope, call-by-name with dynamic scope, call-by-name with static scope.

  23. (March 30, 2000) Friday's lecture by Chris Stone (March 31) will be in the colloquium room.

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