CS624 --- Programming Languages

Amr Sabry, DES 313, x6-4411, sabry@cs

Office hours:
Just drop by.

D. P. Friedman, M. Wand, and C. T. Haynes, Essentials of Programming Languages, MIT Press 1992.

You will probably need books on Java and Scheme. Pick your favorite.

I will also hand out some papers.


On the CS machines, you will probably need to run Scheme, Java, ML, and Haskell. I recommend using the following systems (but we have others installed if you are interested):

You might also want to install some of these systems on your home machine. Again pick your favorite.

Yes. Handwritten code or code that does not compile is unacceptable. You are welcome to work in groups but please say so.

Grading Policy:
Your grade will be calculated as follows:

Tentative Schedule

Date Topic Homework Due
M 3/27 Semantics: Denotational, Operational, Axiomatic
W 3/29 Types; Program Verification; Interpreters
F 3/31 Guest lecture by Chris Stone
M 4/3 Environments; Lexical Scope HW1: Simple ML
W 4/5 Higher-Order Functions
F 4/7 Closures; Recursion
M 4/10 Lambda Calculus: Axioms HW2: Scheme in ML
W 4/12 Lambda Calculus: Universal Language
F 4/14 NO CLASS or guest lecture
M 4/17 Lambda Calculus
W 4/19 Lambda Calculus
F 4/21 Lambda Calculus
M 4/24 Continuations; Continuation-Passing Style HW3: Lambda Calculus
W 4/26 Continuations; Continuation-Passing Style
F 4/28 Continuations; Continuation-Passing Style
M 5/1 Review HW4: CPS
W 5/3 Midterm
F 5/5 Advanced Control
M 5/8 Java statements; Store-Passing Style HW5: ?
W 5/10 Objects
F 5/12 Objects Last day to withdraw from classes
M 5/15 Inheritance HW6: ?
W 5/17 Inheritance
F 5/19 Inheritance
M 5/22 Types HW7: Java
W 5/24 Types
F 5/26 Types
M 5/29 Memorial Day
W 5/31 Types HW8: Types
F 6/2 Conclusion; Perspective; Future
W 6/7 Final Exam from 10:15 to 12:15

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