Assignments for CIS 624 (Programming Languages)

To submit your homework, run:

/cs/classes/cis624/submit files

This will copy all of the files you specify to a directory where I can get them. You can "unsubmit" any of the files:

/cs/classes/cis624/usubmit files

You can keep doing this as many times as you want as long as your final work has been submitted by the deadline.

Regular Assignments

Open Extra Credit Problems (accepted any time)

  1. Encode the square root function in the lambda calculus.

  2. Using the C preprocessor, write a macro that illustrates dynamic scope in action.

  3. Redo Assignment 1 without using environments. Use substitution instead. Try to implement all three variants discussed in class: a call-by-value variant, a call-by-name variant with dynamic scope, and a call-by-name variant with static scope.

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