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Mon Jan 26, 2009

From Tommaso Bolognesi: the Call for Papers for the 2009 JOUAL Workshop in Pisa, Italy.

Fri Nov 14, 2008 (and beyond)

Videos (you may need RealPlayer) and conference materials (slides, pictures, perhaps audio files) are listed below.

Files are indexed as soon as they become available, most recent update: Thu Feb 26 10:00:28 EST 2009

Keynote Lectures Materials
David Deutsch video (final version: streamlined, direct download) picture, transcript, mp3 (hector)
Charles Bennett video (preliminary version: streamlined, direct download) picture, slides, transcript, mp3 (hector)
Lov Grover video (preliminary version: streamlined, direct download) picture, slides, transcript
Seth Lloyd video (preliminary version: streamlined, direct download) picture, cawley's blog transcript, mp3 (hector)
Tom Toffoli video (prelim. version: streamlined, direct download)
please read technical note from videographer
picture, no slides available, transcript
some references: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. mp3 (hector)
Ed Fredkin video (prelim. version: streamlined, direct download)
please read technical note from videographer
picture, transcript, mp3 (hector)
Greg Chaitin video (prelim. version: streamlined, direct download)
picture transcript, mp3 (hector)
Tony Leggett video (prelim. version: streamlined, direct download) picture, picture, transcript
Cristian Calude video (prelim. version: streamlined, direct download) no picture, slides, transcript, mp3 (hector)
Rob de Ruyter video (preliminary version: streamlined, direct download) picture transcript, mp3 (hector)
Round table video (prelim. version: streamlined, direct download)
please read technical note from videographer
picture, picture, transcript
A few more videos yet to be processed include the talks given by Stephen Wolfram, Matthew Szudzik and Todd Rowland.

Contributed Talks Materials
Bruno Grenet slides (.pdf format, as submitted by the author) mp3 (hector)
Gilles Dowek slides (.pdf format, as submitted by the author) cawley's blog mp3 (hector)
Eric Rowland slides (zipped Mathematica notebook) mp3 (hector)
Paul Tarau slides, paper (.pdf format, as submitted by the author)
Francis Bitonti slides (converted to .pdf from zipped Powerpoint archive)
Paul-Jean Letourneau slides (zipped Mathematica notebook) cawley's blog mp3 (hector)
Enrique Zeleny slides (zipped Mathematica notebook) mp3 (hector)
Raymond Aschheim slides (.pdf format, as submitted by the author)
Jason Cawley and Miguel Noguer slides (zipped Mathematica notebook) mp3 (hector)
Alex Lamb slides (.pdf format, as submitted by the author)
Tommaso Bolognesi slides (zipped Mathematica notebook) cawley's blog mp3 (hector)
Abby Nussey no slides available mp3 (hector)

Meanwhile, a reminder that materials from the previous conference can be found here.

Tue Nov 11, 2008
Hector's photographic memory: Bloomington, IN and the 2008 Midwest NKS Conference.

Sun Nov 02, 2008
Here's the group picture of yesterday (on the steps of Lindley Hall). Today: round table debate (Frangipani) and brunch (Coronation Room).

Our deepest thanks to Prof. Seth Lloyd, Dr. Charles Bennett, Prof. David Deutsch and Dr. Lov Grover for agreeing to join us via videolink.

All four of our videoconferences went extremely well. We want to extend our thanks to:

  • Maggie Sullivan, Rita Tavilla, and Dave Foss at MIT's RLE for assisting with Prof. Seth Lloyd's videoconference on Friday,
  • Kevin O'Connor, Kenneth Niebuhr and Chuck Treppeda at IBM for assisting with Dr. Charles Bennett's videoconference on Friday,
  • Angie Day, Ian Campbell and Stig-Topp Jorgensen at the Univ. of Oxford for making possible Prof. Deutsch's videoconference on Saturday,
  • Steve H Simon and the technical staff at AT&T Bell Labs for making Dr. Lov K Grover's videoconference possible on Saturday.

On the IU side the videoconferences were expertly handled by Steve Egyhazi from UITS and the Office of the Vice-President for IT.

All keynote talks (in person or via videoconference) have been videotaped and will be made available on this website soon.

Thank you all for making this conference such a special event. The 2008 Midwest NKS Conference is now just a fond memory.

Sat Nov 01, 2008
Don't forget that tonight Indiana switches back to EST.


  • when our local daylight time is about to reach Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 2:00:00 AM
  • clocks are turned backward 1 hour to Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 1:00:00 AM local standard time instead.

Fri Oct 31, 2008
Titles for all the keynote talks have been received, will be posted soon. Today:

Seth Lloyd (MIT): Computational Capacity of the Universe. (Swain West 119, at 2:30pm)
Charles Bennett (IBM): A Quantum Computational View of the Origin of Randomness, Classicality
and Complexity in the World.
(Swain West 119, at 4:30pm).

For more information please check today's program.

Thu Oct 30, 2008
Our distinguished guests have started to arrive on the Bloomington campus.
The conference starts tomorrow, all preparations have been finalized, we look forward to a memorable event.
Tue Oct 28, 2008
Just to clarify: access to lectures is free to IU faculty, students and staff.
Full registration gives you a nametag and access to ticketed events (lunches, dinners etc.)
Sun Oct 26, 2008
Online registration won't be accepted after this date.
Sat Oct 25, 2008
The conference program now appears to be entirely settled, six days before the event.
The NKS Blog Team will be blogging the conference live from Bloomington next week.
Tue Oct 21, 2008
We have received the title and abstract for Prof. Tom Toffoli's talk, and will make that available via link from the Sat schedule page.
On the Oxford University side of Prof. David Deutsch's videotalk Mr. Ian Campbell is now wrapping up the tests and set up.
On the IU part the videoconferences will be supported by a team led by Steve Egyhazi (UITS and OVPIT).
Technical details for the videoconference with the IBM Watson Center for Dr. Bennett's talk are also being worked out as I write this.
Sun Oct 18, 2008
More good news: Prof. Seth Lloyd (MIT) also confirmed participation via videoconference from MIT. Details soon.
Wed Oct 15, 2008
Dr. Charles Bennett just wrote confirming he can give a videotalk, from IBM's videoconference facility, most likely on Friday Oct 31.
The tentative title of the talk is: "A quantum computational view of the origin of randomness, classicality,and complexity in the world."
We're extremely happy and we'll keep you informed as we work out the details of best fitting Dr. Bennett's videotalk in the program.
Mon Oct 13, 2008
The schedule has been updated: Friday schedule is close to its final version.
Schedules for the other two days are being updated today (to propagate the Fri changes).
Thu Oct 09, 2008
Final list of guests (invited speakers and moderators) to our conference:

As it turns out Charles Bennett and Seth Lloyd won't be able to make it after all.
Bruce Colin also seems highly improbable so the final list of guests is as shown above.
Tue Sep 30, 2008
Distinguished New York Times journalist and author George Johnson is our new conference moderator.
Here's a George Johnson video lecture delivered at the Perimeter Institute in Canada two years ago (May 3, 2006).
Sun Sep 28, 2008
James Gleick writes to let us know he won't be able to travel to Bloomington any longer...
In spite of this he remains an inspiration and we want to thank him for his genuine interest in our conference.
Thu Sep 25, 2008
We now have firm confirmation, via Hector, from Ed Fredkin (video) that he is definitely coming to the conference!
The talk title and an abstract coming soon, while travel arrangements are just about to be finalized.
Mon Sep 22, 2008
Prof. Tommaso Toffoli (website) has kindly accepted our invitation to be a distinguished guest at the conference.
This is now the official poster of the conference (went to press before message came from Prof. Toffoli).
Prof. Leonid Levin wrote to tell us that he won't be able to come to our conference.
We deeply thank him for the very genuine effort he made to come and hope for another opportunity in the future.
Tue Sep 18, 2008
There is still a chance for author and scientist Colin Bruce to participate as a moderator and presenter!
However, due to events well beyond his control we will have to wait until the end of the month, to know for sure.
Wed Sep 10, 2008
Dr. Lov K. Grover (of Grover's algorithm fame) has kindly agreed to a give a talk at this conference.
We're now working on the details: whether it will be via videoconference from New Jersey, or in person.
Mon Sep 08, 2008
The on-line registration form now offers both full conference registration as well as individual day passes.
You may elect to attend lectures individually; lecture passes do not require pre-registration (see program).
Fri Sep 05, 2008
Sample document used in fundraising, concisely and accurately describing this conference.
Wed Sep 03, 2008
Travel arrangements for Stephen Wolfram are just about to be finalized.
Tue Sep 02, 2008
Travel arrangements for James Gleick are just about to be finalized.
Mon Sep 01, 2008
Early registration starts (click here to register on-line).
Mon Sep 01, 2008
Prof. Dana Scott will not be able to travel to Indiana in October (has minor surgery scheduled).
Hector is waiting to hear from Prof. Marvin Minsky on an invitation sent a couple of months ago.
Wed Aug 26, 2008
Travel section of the website now contains info on: meals, lodging, travel and conference registration.
Tue Aug 25, 2008
Last remaining details for Prof. David Deutsch's videolecture are being finalized as I'm writing this.
Tue Aug 25, 2008
Rob de Ruyter has kindly agreed to address computation from a biological point of view for our conference.
Prof. Rob de Ruyter is with the Biocomplexity Institute and is a long time collaborator of Prof. William Bialek.
Tue Aug 25, 2008
Contacted for travel arrangements Prof. Leonid Levin remains uncertain but "will make efforts to attend."
Thu Aug 21, 2008
Prof. William Bialek writes that due to unforeseen circumstances he will have to limit his travel this Fall considerably.
Since he can't come any longer we have invited his long time collaborator Prof. Rob de Ruyter and we're waiting to hear from him.
Thu Aug 21, 2008
Travel arrangements are now in progress for all of our guests.
There is also a chance we will start the conference with a very recent George Csicsery movie.
Tue Aug 12, 2008
Prof. Calude confirms the title of his talk: "Can randomness be certified by proof?"
Thu Aug 07, 2008
The conference is now announced on the main Wolfram Science website.
Wed Aug 06, 2008
Travel arrangements for Cris Calude, Dana Scott and Greg Chaitin are in progress.
Martin Davis however needs to be in Paris, France during the weekend of our conference.
Tue Aug 05, 2008
Gregory Chaitin confirms the title of his talk: "How real are the real numbers?"
Fri Aug 01, 2008
Here's a fairly exhaustive document meant to assist in round table moderation and with overall conference planning.
Tue July 29, 2008
Author Colin Bruce writes to let us know that for health related reasons he will not be able to travel to Bloomington in the fall.
Since he is based in Oxford we're looking into whether a videoconference is possible or not.
Fri July 4, 2008
Prof. Dana Scott firmly confirms his participation to the conference in an e-mail to Hector.
Fri July 4, 2008
Seth Lloyd accepts Hector's invitation to the conference to give a distinguished invited talk.
Wed July 2, 2008
Ed Fredkin graciously accepts Hector's invitation to give a distinguished invited talk at the conference.
Tue-Wed July 1-2, 2008
Prof. Leonid Levin receives Hector's invitation and expresses moderate interest.
However he makes a promise to think about it some more and get back to us on it later.
Tue July 1, 2008
Prof. Dana Scott accepts (a little tentatively, at first) Hector's invitation and will take part in the conference.
Tue July 1, 2008
Charles Bennett responds to Hector's invitation: he'd love to come but it looks a bit improbable.
Furthermore it's not clear if a videolecture is possible but we decide to work on it until we find out.
Here's Charles Bennett in some past lectures: MIT (10/07), MSRI (Fall 2002) in case he can't come.
Sat Jun 14, 2008
Hector's participation as a co-chair is now officially endorsed by Wolfram Science.
Wed Jun 11, 2008
Roger Penrose writes that a prior committment takes him out of town (Oxford) during our conference.
His videotalk thus becomes highly unlikely. Here are some of his past lectures: Vienna, IMA/UMN.
Thu May 29, 2008
Hector Zenil joins the 2008 Midwest NKS Conference as co-chair of the conference.
Thu May 29, 2008
Prof. Tony Leggett writes to re-confirm his participation and to ask about the conference timetable (program).
Prof. Leggett will visit Otterbein College in Columbus, OH earlier that week, arriving in Bloomington Fri afternoon.
Sun May 04, 2008
Legendary journalist and author James Gleick re-confirms his interest in our conference.
He also appears interested in discussing further aspects related to moderating the round table discussion.
Thu May 01, 2008
David Deutsch agrees to a videoconference (followed by Q&A) from Oxford for our conference.
Tue Apr 29, 2008
Roger Penrose visits IU and tentatively agrees to a videolecture from Oxford if his schedule allows it.
Thu Apr 17, 2008
Catherine Boucher re-confirms that Stephen Wolfram will attend the 2008 Midwest NKS Conference.
She also indicates there will be no competing 2008 NKS Wolfram Science organized this year.
Tue Sep 18, 2007
Catherine Boucher confirms that Stephen Wolfram will be able to accept our invitation and attend the conference.
Tue Sep 18, 2007
Sir Anthony J. Leggett (2003 Physics Nobel laureate) graciously accepts our invitation to the conference.
Thu-Wed Sep 13 - Oct 03, 2007
Our invitation to physicist and philosopher David Wallace of Oxford is declined politely, friendly even, but very firmly.
Mon Sep 10, 2007
Prof. Cristian Calude (Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand) graciously accepts our invitation to the conference.
Thu Sep 06, 2007
Prof. Martin Davis graciously accepts our invitation to give a distinguished invited talk at the conference.
Tue-Thu Aug 28-30, 2007
Colin Bruce, author of Schroedinger's Rabbits (The Many Worlds of Quantum) accepts our invitation to the conference.
He is willing to help moderate the round table discussion, also interested in making a presentation of his own.
Sat Jul 14, 2007
The 2008 Midwest NKS Conference is discussed at the 2007 NKS Wolfram Science conference, in Burlington, VT. (Photos by Jeff Grote.)
Wed Apr 18, 2007
Heeding David Deutsch's advice Gerardo Ortiz suggests "What is Computation? How does Nature compute?" as the theme.
During discussions that lead to his suggestion Feynman's 1981 paper "Simulating Physics with Computers" is mentioned over and over again.
Wed Mar 07, 2007
Gregory Chaitin generously accepts to give a distinguished invited talk to our conference.
Sun-Mon Mar 4-5, 2007
Invitation to David Deutsch to give a distinguished invited talk to the conference is answered with grace and encouragement.
However Prof. Deutsch expresses serious reservation about his ability to travel to Indiana for the conference (given his busy schedule).
Some of the very kind and insightful comments he makes at this time will later help re-shape and re-focus the theme of our conference.
Wed Feb 7, 2007
Famed journalist and author James Gleick receives our invitation to the conference and calls it "fascinating".
He also asks for a bit of thinking time that would help him determine the extent of his involvment in the conference.
Sat Dec 16, 2006
Meeting with Andy Hanson, Larry Yaeger and Sandro Flammini about securing funding for this and similar events ends in a superposition of states.
Mon Nov 20, 2006
First contact with Gerardo Ortiz on issues that will eventually finalize in this conference.
Wed Oct 17, 2006
Brief meeting with Alessandro Flammini in his office, Eigenmann 904.
Week of Oct 5-12, 2006
With Anthony Martin we try (and eventually succeed) to meet with Larry Yaeger of the IU School of Informatics.
The meeting eventually takes place in LH201D and addresses: NKS, QC, PCE and a follow up to the 2005 Midwest NKS Conference.
Summer of 2006
Beenish Chaudry attends NKS Summer School 2006 where she studies reversible computation.
Before and after NKS Summer School her main interest and goal is to study Quantum Computation (QC).
She points out that one of Stephen Wolfram's talks already addresses the relationship between NKS and QC.