-------------------On Sat, 13 Dec 2008, rootanimati0n@aol.com wrote:---------

(   Hi Adrian,
(   Today I am catching up on some of the work I missed this week and that
 )  includes burning the DVD of the Toffoli lecture. You can come and pick
(   it up here at the lab until 1 PM if you can make it. Someone else may be
 )  in the lab after that time, so you could pick it up then too - but call
(   first (333-1212) to confirm.
(   The Toffoli lecture had an additional problem - the main camera was
 )  skipping frames for some reason, I'm not sure what. It may have been a
(   defective tape. However, the second camera captured all the missing
 )  frames so nothing was lost. But inserting the second camera's frames
(   meant that occasionally, for a couple of seconds, the audio changes in
 )  tone and quality (because another microphone was being used). Nothing is
(   lost, but the presentation is more "jerky" than the others. I'm sorry for 
 )  this. I did a lot of additional editing to improve the recording to
(   where it is now.
(   Best regards,
 )  Victor

----------------------------------On Sat, 20 Dec 2008, Victor wrote:---------

(   Hello Adrian,
(   I have worked all day today on the Sunday panel discussion. I find that both
 )  cameras dropped frames, which of course throws the synchronization between
(   the two audio and video tracks off. This is distressing to all of us, 
 )  because we had both cameras receive complete factory maintenance and
(   reconditioning, at over five hundred dollars each, just a couple of weeks
 )  before the conference.
 )  As I mentioned with the Toffoli lecture, no material has been lost as far as
(   I can tell, but unfortunately the amount of editing needed is nearly double 
 )  what it would normally be. (There will be no additional cost to you of
(   course, but the time requirements will be greater.)
(   I hope to complete the panel discussion this coming Tuesday evening. I'll
 )  let you know when ithe DVD is ready to pick up.
 )  Best regards for a relaxing holiday season,
 )  Victor

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 18:47:59 -0500
From: Victor (victor@photosoluti0ns.com)
To: 'Adrian German' (dgerman@cs.ndiana.edu)
Subject: Progress on NKS

Hi Adrian,
On Saturday I completed the Chaitin lecture and set the computer to rendering the 
RealMedia version after I left. However, when I came in today, I found there was an 
error during the rendering process, which makes it necessary to render the video 
again tonight. I'll let you know when it is ready to pick up.
I started working on the Fredkin lecture on Saturday, and am continuing work on it 
tonight. Unfortunately, both cameras were dropping frames, not just one, so the editing 
process remains tedious despite the simple format of the lecture.
Best regards,