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Network Technologies
and System Administration.

[Formerly A247/A547 - Network Technologies and Administration.]


"To boldly go where no man has gone before!"

September 8, 1966


Instructor: Jeff Whitmer

Jeff Whitmer

  • My Office: Luddy Hall 2050 (IF2050).
  • Office Hours:

    • Luddy Hall 2050 (IF2050) Monday/Wednesday: 12:30 - 2:30pm. Appointments also available.

  • Office Hour Special NOTES:
    • Any changes to my office hours will be posted here.

      • Monday, August 22, 2022: First Day of Class.

      • Monday, September 5, 2022: Labor Day: CLASSES WILL NOT MEET.

      • Friday, October 14, 2022: Fall Break: CLASSES WILL NOT MEET.

  • Luddy Hall 2050 (IF2050) Office Phone: 855-3974.
  • E-mail: jwhitmer@cs.indiana.edu.

Meeting Times: (Fall Semester 2022)

  • Monday/Wednesday: 9:45am - 11:00am (sections 3466 and 3468) Miles Brand Hall W105 (I W105)

"Lab" Times: (Fall Semester 2022)

  • F: 9:10 - 10:00am in Luddy Hall 0006 (IF0006) (section 3467 and 3469)

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Important Updates for All Students
enrolled in Fall Semester 2022


[LAST UPDATED: 12/2/2022]


  • TEAM FINAL PROJECT SELF and TEAMMATE ASSESSMENT FORM is now available via the Homework page. It is in the "Final Team Project Resources" section, near the top of the page. The assessments are due for each TEAM MEMBER (including YOURSELF) to your Canvas "TEAM FINAL PROJECT Self and Teammate Assessments" assignment in the "TEAM-based Final Project Assessment and Review" group AFTER 12:00PM (Noon) on Saturday, December 10, 2022 and BY 11:59:00.00PM (SHARP) on Sunday, December 11, 2022. EARLY and LATE submissions will not be possible as the assignment will only be available during the stated time period. BE SURE to properly name each file you submit. Additional IMPORTANT details and reminders are available with the link on the Homework Page. You are strongly encouraged to confirm you can access the file and save it with changes. As with TEAM Homework 4, I am requiring a separate file submission for each teammate, including yourself. Please read over it at your earliest convenience and notify me as soon as possible if you have questions or concerns. ALL QUESTIONS about this form must be answered before the end of class on 12/7/22. While this is basically the same form and process you used for the TEAM Homework 4 Assessments, this is a different form. Be sure you download and use ONLY this new form. Only assessments using this new form will be accepted for credit. PLEASE take note of the proper assignment submission location.

  • MINI 7 and JIT 7 scores posted and email sent. MINI/JIT averages available and correct. MINI 7 and JIT 7 scores are posted on Canvas and each of you should receive an email on your individual MINI submission by the end of the day. Overall, this was a set terrific submissions and a great way to finish the MINIs for the class. For those who submitted, the combined A338/A538 average was 14.86/15 or 99.05%. MINI 7 was worth 15 points. Questions from JIT 7 have been added to the compiled list posted on the Homework Assignments page. This was another superb set of questions. You strongly encouraged to look at the JIT 7 entries to see what all your classmates asked.

    The MINI/JIT averages posted by Canvas are also confirmed as correct. Overall, this was a very good performance for the class as a whole, with an outstanding overall average of 92.07%. All the averages were in the 90s, or 80s with one average of 100. Again, a really outstanding result for the class as a whole. Well done!

  • FINAL Version of Final Project Description posted. The "FINAL Version" of the Final Project description is now available in the "Final Team Project Resources" Section at the top of the Homework Page of the website. Because it includes all the things that were in the "Introduction" version, I have removed that link to avoid confusion. This is as early as I have posted this, so we will see if it makes a difference. Notice there are several deadlines for various components. While some of those may not make any sense now, they will before you are required to complete them. Read this carefully, when you have the time, and let me know if you find any typos or other things you believe to be "errors." We will discuss topics directly related to one of these intermediate submissions in our Friday meeting on 11/4/22, and other topics in greater detail in later meetings.

  • A338/A538 TEAMS have been posted: There is now a link on the Homework Page in the Final Team Project Resources section (near the top) showing all the team membership assignments. As already noted, everyone enrolled in A338/A538 is a member of either Team 1 or Team 2. You are strongly encouraged to make contact with your teammates as promptly as possible, and begin to sit as group in class on Monday, August 29. I will ask you to figure out what communication method works best for your team.