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Julia Robinson and Hilbert Tenth's Problem
09:15pm-10:45pm in Rawles 100. A film by George Csicsery (Zala Films).


Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem is a video portrait of Julia Robinson, the first woman elected to the mathematical section of the National Academy of Sciences, and the first woman to become president of the American Mathematical Society. The biographical documentary features a heroine, captivated by the lure of unsolved mathematical problems, who rises against formidable obstacles to assume a leading role in her field. Robinson's career encompassed critical developments in 20th century mathematics. The film presents Robinson's life in the context of the 70-year search for a solution to Hilbert's tenth problem. The film interweaves the personal story of an important figure in American mathematics with the discovery of new ideas that led to the development of computers.

Friday (October 31, 2008)