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List of Contributed Talks
Various times (grouped as listed below) on Friday morning.

08:30am-10:30am (Dogwood, IMU) Session Chair: Hector Zenil
Tommaso Bolognesi (CNR/ISTI, Pisa, Italy): A notion of time in discrete universes based on network mobile automata.
Gilles Dowek (Ecole Polytechnique and INRIA, France): Non deterministic computation over the real numbers.
Enrique Zeleny (BUAP, Puebla, Mexico): Complexity in the universe of 'Mathematica' Programs
Bruno Grenet (Ecole normale supérieure, Lyon, France): Acceptable Complexity Measures of Theorems.

10:45am-12:45pm (Dogwood, IMU) Session Chair: Tommaso Bolognesi
Eric S. Rowland (Math. Dept. Rutgers University): Regularity vs. complexity in the binary representation of 3^n.
Miquel Noguer i Alonso and Jason Cawley (UBS AG - UNED Switzerland and Wolfram Research): NKS Artificial Market Model
Abby Nussey (Wolfram Research) - Outer Median Cellular Automaton Rules in 1D, 2D, and on Graphs.
Paul-Jean Letourneau (Physics Dept., Univ. of British Columbia): Monoliths in ECA rule 146: new insights

08:30am-10:30am (Walnut, IMU) Session Chair: Andy Evans
Francis Bitonti (Pratt Institute GAUD, FAD Architecture, New York): Unnatural Selection
Mike Round (Center for autoSocratic Excellence): Introducing the High-School Student to the Plausibility of the Computational Universe.
Paul Tarau (Dept. of Comp. Sci. and Eng. University of North Texas): Shapeshifting data types with isomorphisms and hylomorphisms
Alexander G. D. Lamb (Santa Cruz, California): Exploring the Algorithmic Requirements for Rotationally-Invariant, Straight-Line Motion.

10:45pm-12:45pm (Walnut, IMU) Session Chair: Paul Tarau
John Woodward (School of Computer Science, The University of Nottingham, UK): A Syntactic Justification for Occam's razor
Raymond Aschheim (Polytopics, France): Bitmaps for a digital toe
Johan Veerman (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú): An Exhaustive Search of Arithmetical Cellular Automata with Three Colors
Alastair Hewitt (Harvard University): The Computational Aspects of Choice and Selection in Natural Systems

Friday (October 31, 2008)