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LCC has two Steering Committee co-chairs, elected by the full Committee, each serving a four year term, staggered at two year intervals.

The members of the Steering Committee include the following.

  1. The current Steering Committee as listed below
  2. The steering committee co-chairs of the last four years
  3. The program co-chairs of the last two meetings
  4. Every two years (starting in 2010), a new member elected for a term of six years by the current Steering Committee
  5. Steering Committee co-chairs, if not included in the above.
  6. Additional members, elected by the Steering Committee at its discretion.

All terms expire on August 31 of the year indicated. Consecutive terms are possible.
[List of current members already includes provisions (2-5).]

STEERING COMMITTEE (as of February 2011)
(Years indicate expiration of current term)

  • Michael Benedikt (Oxford) (2017) (Co-chair, 2013)
  • Robert Constable (Cornell) (2015)
  • Anuj Dawar (Cambridge) (2015)
  • Fernando Ferreira (Lisbon) (2015)
  • Martin Hofmann (U Munich) (2015)
  • Neil Immerman (U Mass. Amherst) (2010)
  • Stephan Kreutzer (Oxford) (2013)
  • Neil Jones (Copenhagen) (2015)
  • Bruce Kapron (U Victoria) (2010)
  • Daniel Leivant (Indiana U) (2015) (Co-chair, 2011)
  • Jean-Yves Marion (LORIA Nancy) (2015)
  • Luke Ong (Oxford) (2015)
  • Martin Otto (Darmstadt) (2011)
  • Simona Ronchi Della Rocca (Turin) (2013)
  • James Royer (Syracuse) (2015)
  • Helmut Schwichtenberg (U Munich) (2015)
  • Pawel Urzyczyn (Warsaw) (2011)