Class Geometry

Direct Known Subclasses:
CompressedGeometry, GeometryArray, Raster, Text3D

public abstract class Geometry
extends NodeComponent

Geometry is an abstract class that specifies the geometry component information required by a Shape3D node. Geometry objects describe both the geometry and topology of the Shape3D nodes that reference them. Geometry objects consist of four generic geometric types:

Each of these geometric types defines a visible object or set of objects. A Geometry object is used as a component object of a Shape3D leaf node.

Field Summary
          Specifies that this Geometry allows intersect operation.
Constructor Summary
          Constructs a new Geometry object.
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Field Detail


public static final int ALLOW_INTERSECT
Specifies that this Geometry allows intersect operation.

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Constructor Detail


public Geometry()
Constructs a new Geometry object.