Package com.sun.j3d.utils.universe

Interface Summary
LocaleFactory This interface defines a factory for creating Locale objects in a SimpleUniverse.

Class Summary
ConfigContainer Loads a Java 3D configuration file and creates a container of named objects that will effect the viewing configuration specified in the file.
ConfiguredUniverse This utility class creates all the necessary objects on the view side of the scene graph.
MultiTransformGroup A convenience class that effectively creates a series of TransformGroup nodes connected one to another hierarchically.
PlatformGeometry This class holds any geometry that should be associated with the ViewingPlatform object.
SimpleUniverse This class sets up a minimal user environment to quickly and easily get a Java 3D program up and running.
Viewer The Viewer class holds all the information that describes the physical and virtual "presence" in the Java 3D universe.
ViewerAvatar This class holds geomtry that should be associated with the View's avatar.
ViewInfo Provides methods to extract synchronized transform information from a View.
ViewingPlatform This class is used to set up the "view" side of a Java 3D scene graph.