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Enrollment Policy and Guidelines


I want to make sure there's no confusion about this.

If you are not officially enrolled in this class, I ask that you not attend. That is, no one has or will ever received my permission to just "sit in" on this course.

We may allow this in future semesters, but for now, we want to make sure all officially enrolled students get our full attention. This course always has a wait list and every seat needs to be made available to students who want to officially enroll in the course.

If you are not on the official roster that arrives the second week of class, I will ask you to leave. I know some of you are hoping to Add from the Waitlist if other students drop, and that is fine. But if you don't officially Add, I have to ask that you not attend after the 1st week of class.

I'm prompted to post this note because, in the past, often after Drop/Add is more or less over, there have still been several extra people attending and there is just not any extra room for them.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to send me email.