Keystone River July 05 photos

The thumbnails are 1/8 scale (below). Click for 1/2 scale 2.7 MegaPixel. Full resolution versions avaiable via CD are 11 MegaPixel. These first 2 are digital composites of 3 or 4 photos.
Our caver on rope "Laser Head" thanks to his Petzl Laser is cropped on the rightmost photo

Our tandem climbing team (1) at the bottom (2) middle (3) top of the drop
These 3 are straight from the camera.

The top of the drop some 3000 feet? inside the cave after plenty of crawls, bathtubs and wading in water:

The Suitcase made it all the way to the bottom of the 246 and back out in one piece! Right picture haul out group:___ Back row, left to right: Allen Rush, Amos Mincin, Andy Robinson, Brian Sakofski, Erin Cutler, Tatiana Kan, Yuri Schwartz ___ Front row, left to right: Willie Hunt, Dom DiGioia, Francois Errandonea