A few TAG 03 photos

required a slightly modified digital camera

which with some slave strobes has taken this in 2000

Gnome's Creamery in Ellison's Cave

and survived the 36F & 5 CFS water of Lost Creek Siphon, MT

  • MORE PHOTOS of Lost Creek Siphon

    , a Nikon Coolpix 990, and custom built power packs for a Speedotron 105 head

    Picture taken 160 feet from houses at 2400 watt seconds (1/4 of full power with one power pack)

    which lights up Valhalla with one flash

    Marc Pedersen climbing out (4800 watt seconds, Coolpix 990 medium compression)

    and I always wondered what the Valhalla dome looks like

    Taken straight up 4800 watt seconds, Coolpix 990

    big room lighting? No problem!

    Valhalla bottom toward the water fall room with Mark P. (4800 watt seconds, Coolpix 990

    with just 80 lbs of stuff

    Setup on the rock includes: 2x 12volt 17AH SLA's, 2x 2400 WS power packs, 1x 900 WS power pack, my vertical gear, power cords etc. This will provide over 100 4800 WS flashes, but weighs 80 lbs.