portrait Perry Wagle (email: wagle@cs.REMOVEindiana.edu)

I'm a graduate student (MS CSci, double AB Math/CSci) studying Computer Science and Biology at Indiana University at its Bloomington Campus. My computer science office is in the Analog VLSI and Robotics Lab, and my biology office is in the Sinervo Lab. I also hang out a bit at the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB). I have a schedule of sorts, and a hotlist that I update on a sporatic basis.

Academic Project - Fall 1996. I'm interested in the semantics of groups of programs and computations as mutable first-class objects that communicate with each other in real-time. To help facilitate perspicuous mathematical analyses of these systems, I'm starting to acquire needed expertise in non-wellfounded set theory by carefully studying Barwise and Moss (1996), Aczel (1988), and Ponse, Rijke and Venema (1995), as well as any citations I chase outwards from there.

Work - Spring, Summer, and Fall 1996 (Part-Time). While not Unix systems administrating, I'm helping to develop a framework of distributed programs (TCL/TK, C, Perl) to automatically (with manual re-checking) locate seismic events from network and array sensor data. I co-authored a poster session at the 1996 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Work - Summer and Fall 1995 (Part-Time). I ported three 3D molecular, orbital, and vibration model chemistry applications from MS Windows GUI to Motif GUI on the SGI-Irix, Sun-SunOS, and RS6000-AIX platforms. I also converted some GL code to OpenGL.

I have a full resumè available upon request.

In the (now occasional) pursuit of endless web page frobbing, I have a test area and a under construction pointer. Believing frames to be wholly evil, I naturally have to try them out.

This page last Frobbed Monday September 16, 1996 (though tweaked a bit on January 3, 1997).