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CS624 --- Structure of Programming Languages

Amr Sabry, DES 313, x6-4411, sabry@cs

UH 2-3:20, LA 166

Office hours:
M 10-11, M 2-3, H 10-11


D. P. Friedman, M. Wand, and C. T. Haynes, Essentials of Programming Languages, MIT Press 1992.

You will probably need books on Java and Scheme. Pick your favorite.

I will also hand out some papers.


On the CS machines, you will need to run Scheme and Java:

  • /local/apps/chez-5.0a/bin/jscheme: This is a version of Chez Scheme for fast loading of the Java parser.
  • /local/apps/java/bin/javac and /local/apps/java/bin/java: The Java byte-code compiler and byte-code interpreter.

You might also want to install some Scheme and Java compilers on your PC. Again pick your favorite.

There will be around 8 programming assignments. Handwritten code or code that does not compile is unacceptable. You are welcome to work in groups but please say so.

Grading Policy:
Your grade will be calculated as follows:
  • programming assignments (30%)
  • midterm (35%), final (35%)
These weights are subject to minor variation.

I will be leaving town around June 8 for a conference. We may have the final on June 5. Stay tuned for details.

Tentative Schedule

Amr A Sabry
Tue Apr 1 07:53:15 PST 1997