Final Project


Finish the compiler. Due between 12/7 and 12/9. Send mail to set an appointment.

Help material

Help files in the directory compiler. These are slightly different from the ones Appel provides. The help files include the bytecodes for my lexical analyzer and my parser that produces abstract syntax trees. Use them if yours do not work.

Step by step instructions

I hope these instructions will help you organize your work, and provide some guidelines on how to divide you work if you working in a team. The instructions still leave many things unspecified: be creative and feel free to modify or ignore any or all of the instructions. First I have provided my intermediate code generator (in bytecodes). If you are working in teams, the team member working on the back end can use my intermediate code generator to test the back end. You might also find it useful to compare the output of your intermediate code generator to my output. (You shouldn't expect your code to match mine exactly.) The code is in IR_generation.
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