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I am a Professor of Computer Science and an Associate of the Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University, Bloomington. (See vita.) This page features links allowing you to access other information about myself, as well as some general info. My main interest is algorithms with fast average time for the conjunctive normal form (CNF) satisfiability problem and for other constraint satisfaction problems. I am also interested in computational biology, especially in practical algorithms for NP-complete computational biology problems.

"The Analysis of Algorithms",
Paul Walton Purdom, Jr., and Cynthia A. Brown
  1. Introduction
  2. Summing Series
  3. Products and Binomials
  4. Asymptotic Approximation
  5. Simple Linear Recurrences
  6. General Linear Recurrences
  7. Full-History and Nonlinear Recurrences
  8. Multidimensional Recurrences
  9. Global Techniques
  10. Lower Bounds and NP Completeness
  11. Statistics


  1. CNF Generator for Factoring Problems

Recent Technical Reports

  1. Backtracking and Probing, 1993.
  2. Average Time for the Full Pure Literal Rule, 1992.

My Ph. D. Students

Former Students, Ph. D. Graduates

Dmitri A. Gusev and Kyubum Wee (Ajou University, Korea), Richard Mong, Khaled Bugrara, Henry Tzeng (Computer Science Department, Ball State University), Harry C. Heacox

I am a former President of the Indiana University Chapter of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society.


Check the current semester course schedule for my teaching schedule.

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