Some ToBI Practice Utterances


Try saying the sentences out loud before listening to the tape. 
Recorded by RP. 

        Marianna made the marmelade.
1. Tn:      H*             H*   L-L%     default read'g, nuclear strs
   Brk:         1    1   1         4

2.          H*                  L-L%     emphasis on Marianna
3.        L+H*                  L-L%     contrastv, `Not Joan, but..'
4.          L*                  H-H%     incredulous`
5.          L*             L*   H-H%     incredulous,`SHE made THAT?'
6.        L+H*L-H%   L*    H*   L-L%   (2 intonation phrases)
               4     1   1          4

         `I'  means `insert'
7.        H*           H* L-L%           default
          H*L-         H* L-L%         (2 intermediate phrases)
            3      1          4
8         H*L-H%       H* L-L%         (2 intonation phrases
            4      1          4

Initial H% boundary tone.

          Bananas are poisonous
9.           H*       H*      L-L%       default, nuclear strs
10.          L*       H*      L-L%       ` everyone knows'

          Bananas aren't poisonous
11.          H*          L*    H-H%      contrastive
12.          L*          L*    L-H%      disagreeing
13.       H% L*          L*    L-H%      insisting

          You need a loan. 
14.                   H*L-L%             default
15.           L*      H*L-L%             emphasis
16.       H%  L*      H*L-L%             insisting 

Scoop: L+H* and Rising Peak  H+L*

           He's only a millionaire.
17.             H*      H*    L-H%        comment
18.           L+H*    L+H*    L-H%        exaggerated surprise
19.           H+L*    H+L*    L-H%        exaggerated surprise

         You want an example?   How about Mother Theresa?
20.                    H* H-H%                     H* L-L%
21.           H*       H* H-H%   H*                H* L-L%
22.           H*       L* H-H%   L*                H* L-L%

            ToBI labelling is fun.
23.          H*                H*L-L%       default
24.          H*+L              H*L-H%       skeptical re fun
25.          L*+H                H-H%       skeptical re ToBI
26.          H*            H*  L-L%         surprise agreement