Transcription Exercise Text

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R. Port



<>          Southern Indiana dialect.


1.   He always took me out and had me swing the bat and throw a baseball and everything, and ...


2.   When I was nine, I started playing Little League. And ever since then I been playing it,

         and its been one of my favorite sports. And I’ve just been playing it ever since.




          British BBC or Received Pronunciation dialect


3.   Dennis Norton, what or who was `hippocrene’?   H, I, double P,

                O, C, R, E, N, E, hippocrene?



            Urban Boston dialect


4.    I, ... I guess I would have to agree with the bartender, if I were to

        agree with, with anybody.  But be delicate.  Be suave, and debonaire, and ...



5.    So then go out on a date. ``How about going to dinner this week.

        There’s a nice little Italian restaurant that I found down the street,

       here in Sterling Heights Michigan.’’  And she’ll say ``Gee, Forrest, that’s a good idea.’’