SIGCSE 2007: Workshop #21
Demystifying and Degeekifying Computing through K-12 Outreach

March 9, 2007
Covington, KY

Organizers: Katie Siek, Samantha Foley, Jennifer Franko, Emily Fortuna, Suzanne Menzel, and Laura Hopkins

Materials: The workshop materials we distributed describe how to start an outreach program, where to look for funding, how to make K-12 contacts, and things to consider once you do get a program started. (doc) (pdf)

Presentation: In the presentation we gave at the workshop, we started by showing some recent examples of horrible ads that may discourage women from computing. Then we gave a quick version of Indiana University's Just Be program (currently in its third year) and the new program, Beyond Computing, created in fall 2006 by Katie Siek at the University of Colorado at Boulder. We followed with a sequence of brainstorming questions to think about before creating an outreach presentation so you can gear your presentation for a specific message, group, etc. Finally, we present an overview of the template. (ppt) (pdf)

Template: We provided workshop participants with a template they could modify to quickly get a jumpstart on creating their own outreach presentations. (ppt) (pdf)

Sharing: In order for us all to share our programs, our experiences and to learn from each other, we have created a collaboration website, called Outreach KIT. You can view the site, without logging in, by pressing "guest login". When you register for a new account, an email will be sent to you with a link asking for the enrollment key. The enrollment key is:

Please create an account, fill out the survey, and then add an entry about your particular program.

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