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Please excuse the inconsistent formatting and applet usage on this page -- it was written as the demonstration and home page for the ClipControl Java applet, developed for the Indiana Rhythmic Speech Archive. The sound clips on this page come from the SunSite Multimedia Archives.

Using Java for sound clips provides platform-independent audio without external browser applications, for maximal user access. For browsers without Java support, regular hyperlinks to audio files may be included instead of or in addition to the applet. A configurable, multi-purpose audio applet means that it can be used in multiple ways on multiple pages without having to download different applets.

ClipControl provides Play, Loop and Stop buttons to control a single AudioClip. Additionally, a fourth Load button may be used, which is in an on state while the AudioClip is loading and disappears after it's completed. This allows multiple AudioClips to be loaded simultaneously under the user's control when multiple instances of the applet are on a page. Button labelling may be changed from the default. Also, clips may be automatically played, looped and/or loaded upon startup and may continue loading or playing after leaving the page.

With ClipControl version 2 (developed with funding from Internet Business Systems), the applet is now compatible with the Windows AWT, too. Also, AudioClip loading may be aborted. All buttons are now optional and can be either Buttons or Checkboxes. Automatic actions may be performed when the applet is initialized, started, stopped and destroyed (you can use the EventNotice test applet to determine when these occur with your browser). This permits, for example, the applet to be invisible and to play its clip when the page is entered, re-entered or exited. Additionally, full control is now available via keys typed in the applet's background. And, the applet may reload its clip, which is useful if the clip is not cached and can be different each time it's loaded.

See the applet source file for the software license (commercial users please take note). The applet source file also contains parameter information, and this page's HTML source file provides sample usage. The applet's compiled class file is also available and a zip file contains both the applet source and class files. Java applets using AudioClip, including this one, only work with Sun-style audio files (8-bit u-law, mono, 8 kHz).

Please feel free to publically rate and/or comment on this applet or browse other sites using ClipControl, including Tahiti Compact Disk Company, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Spitcurl Sound-Clips. The Sine Waves and Sound page also makes innovative use of the applet. ClipControl is featured in Scott Fisher's book/site Creating Dynamic Web Sites.

Thanks and enjoy, . . . Steve Kinzler

Intro Clip [92 KB, 0:11.5]

As your body grows bigger / Your mind will flower
It's great to learn / 'Cause knowledge is power!
It's Schoolhouse Rocky / That chip off the block
of your favorite schoolhouse / Schoolhouse Rock!

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Adjective Clip [191 KB, 0:23.9]

Got home from camping last spring. / Saw people, places and things.
We barely had arrived, / Friends asked us to describe
The people, places and every last thing. / So we unpacked our adjectives.

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Conjunction Clip [67 KB, 0:08.4]

Conjunction Junction, what's your function?
Hooking up words and phrases and clauses.

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Noun Clip [124 KB, 0:15.5]

A noun's a special kind of word, / It's any name you ever heard.
I find it quite interesting, / A noun's a person, place or thing.
A noun is a person, place or thing.

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Darn Clip [18 KB, 0:02.2]

Darn, that's the end.
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Steve Kinzler <>