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Current Hardware

You can find out what I have for hardware by checking out the various Whitmervision2000 systems.
My current set-up is not optimal, because of the shape of our living room. However, we purchased the house with the lower level unfinished, and had windows moved around so I can build an optimized Media room. This will allow me to fully exploit the Dolby ProLogic system, and consider adding a Wide Screen (Front or Rear) Projection Video Display.

Current Software

My current software list continues to grow, especially since we have 2 Laser Disc Players and 2 DVD Players.

I currently order my DVDs from BUY.COM. I would recommend them with few qualifications to anyone. They seem to have most items in stock if they say they do, they ship USPS Priority Mail at reasonable cost, all titles are 30% - 45% off list, and I usually get my DVDs within 4 days of the order.

I have had some problems with orders not including everything on the packing list, or the wrong item being shipped, but a quick toll-free call and I've always been able to get things corrected.

(I am in no way affiliated with this company, just a _very_ satisfied customer.)

NOTE: I have linked my software titles to the Internet Movie Database entry for that movie. I have also included links to Home Pages for those movies that have their own. Be fore-warned, these sources can include many large in-line graphics which can lead to very long loading times. Turning off "Autoload Graphics" on your HTTP Client might be a wise choice if you don't have lots of time or are browsing over a PPP/SLIP connection. -Jeff

DISK REVIEWS: I'm always happy to discuss the software I own. If you see something on my list that you have questions about, don't hesitate to send me a note at jwhitmer@cs.indiana.edu. I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have.

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