The Whitmer Cats.

We have three cats:

Spot - Rest In Peace (1980 - 1997)

was a white calico and the eldest, and almost 17 when she passed away February 13, 1997. She was the "mother hen" for the other two and we all miss her a lot.

Tigger - Rest In Peace (1986 - 1999)

was the short-haired tiger stripe, and certainly the friendliest of the trio. She loved everyone and was 12 when she passed away on August 8, 1999. Everyone in the family and Pooh miss her a lot.

Pooh - Rest In Peace (1986 - 2005)

is the long-haired tiger stripe, and Tigger's sister. She's lots of hair and very little cat. She was also the shy one of the bunch when all 3 were alive and together. Interestingly, when she became the only cat, she became much friendlier with everyone. She passed away on September 12, 2005. We all miss her very much.

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