Edward L. Robertson

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Informatics.
(For those not familiar with American academic nomenclature, "Emeritus" means that I have retired.)
812-336-3696 (home)
edrbtsn (of course, append indiana.edu)
School of Informatics and Computing
215 Lindley Hall
Bloomington IN 47405-4101
professional/academic interests and activities:

Aphorisms, words of wisdom, or just fun

Information systems development is a software engineering issue,
and software engineering is an information systems issue.

Unstructured data is unmanaged data.

Things are complicated, it's just that simple.

Messages from the mountain, allegories about systems design and development.

If tools that concentrate on user interface over functionality (like Microsoft Access® and its various PC-based competitors) were used to build houses, houses would look like this.

Personal stuff: photos and the like.

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