Computer Science B619

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Spring 2019


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  • Welcome to the course.
    Tighten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff.

    This homepage is our hub. Canvas will be used only for posting scores/grades (maybe) and all-class email.

Course Information

  • Lectures: Section 32858, MW 1:00-2:15 room I 105

  • Instructor: Daniel Leivant (lastname at indiana dot edu)
    [Email me directly please, not through university course management systems]

        Office: IF3126. Office hours: By appointment.

  • Scope: This seminar is self-contained, but requires some mathematical maturity and introductory knowledge of formal logic. No programming experience is required. There is virtually no overlap with B515 as taught this semester.

Course Organization

  • Consistent partcipation 10%.
  • About 6 assignments (roughly every other week) 40%.
  • An approved expository paper (3-6 pages) 25%
  • An approved class presentation (15-20 minutes) 25%
    (Presentation of your paper is allowed.)