Combining Reasoning Modes, Levels, and Styles through Internal CBR

David B. Leake and Andrew Kinley. Proceedings of the 1998 AAAI Spring Symposium on Multimodal Reasoning, AAAI Press, San Mateo, 1998. 6 pages.


This paper summarizes a system combining multiple modes, styles, and levels of reasoning, describing its use of multimodal reasoning and considering the potential applicability of similar approaches to other systems. The system described is a case-based planner that uses multiple forms of reasoning to support its domain level case-based reasoning process. The system combines two reasoning paradigms, rule-based and case-based reasoning; two reasoning styles, transformational and derivational CBR; and two levels of reasoning, domain level reasoning (about plans) and metareasoning (about guiding the process for adapting them to fit new situations). This paper illustrates the usefulness of this multimodal approach by describing why specific reasoning modes are particularly well-suited to specific tasks, how each approach contributes to the overall function of the system, and how the multiple approaches support each other. Based on experience with this system we make a more general claim: that using CBR components to monitor, capture, and replay the reasoning of a system's reasoning processes is a promising approach to guiding those processes and augmenting their capabilities.

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