Case-Based Recommender Components for Scientific Problem-Solving Environments (pdf | ps.Z )

David C. Wilson, David B. Leake and Randall Bramley. Proceedings of the Sixteenth IMACS World Congress, 2000. 6 pages. In press.


Component-based problem-solving environments (PSEs) provide scientists and engineers with a framework of integrated problem-solving tools and resources that they can easily compose and apply in their particular task domains. Developing effective solution strategies within these environments depends on making good choices about the selection, parameterization, and organization of component tools and resources. Because making good choices may require considerable effort and expertise, designing ``intelligent'' components that can make informed recommendations about solution development will play a valuable role in realizing the full potential of PSEs. As part of an overall effort in software component systems and PSEs for scientific computing at Indiana University, the CBMatrix project is developing ``intelligent recommender components'' that use case-based reasoning (CBR) methods to assist in selection, organization, and application of scientific PSE tools and resources. This paper gives an overview of the CBMatrix project, the issues involved, initial results, and the recommender components under development.

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