Picons Demo Images

These images are sample window dumps of various applications displaying picons from the picons databases of the Picons Archive. The applications are xfaces, from the Faces Archive, perhaps running picons applications scripts from the Picons Archive. A command listed in square brackets indicates how to invoke the application using the xfaces front-end script from the picons applications.

Mailbox Monitor

xfaces's built-in mailbox monitor can display a picon for each mail message waiting in your mail spool file.

[from-nomail.gif] [from.gif]

New News Monitor

The picons newscheck-faces application can display a picon for each newsgroup for which you have new news, with the number of articles indicated. [xfaces -N]


Undeliverable System Mail Queue Monitor

The picons mailqto-faces application can display a picon for each Internet domain for which there is currently undeliverable mail waiting in the system's outgoing mail queue. The second line of text with each picon reports the number of messages waiting to be delivered to that host and how long the oldest has been waiting in days, hours and minutes. [xfaces -Q2]


Multiple Print Queue Monitor

The picons lpqall-faces application can display a set of picons for each printer indicating the status of the printer, the number of jobs in its print queue, and the owners and sizes of the first jobs. [xfaces -PA]


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