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WARNING: AIcons is a library developed for X Window users and programmers. As such the format of the icons is X Bitmaps (monocrome) and X Pixmaps (color). However, some parts of this library have been converted to GIF format appropriate for the WWW use. These can be previewed and downloaded with...

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Information And Support Files

  • About AIcon Library. (main README)
  • The Announcement to the World.
  • Major Contributors to the library.
  • Icons Wanted for Library.
  • Standard Color Table for AIcons

  • More Documentation and Notes

  • Support Files which includes :-
  • Shell and Perl Scripts for Image Handling
  • Configuration Files I use for various Programs
  • A CPP file of all backgrounds in AIcons (for random picks)
  • Major Section Divisions

    Descriptive Icons. (sorted by size and type)
    Icons for general symbols, window icons and display backgrouds.

    Application Icons. (sorted by application use)
    Icons for use within specific applications or type of application.

    Programming Icons. (sorted in related groups)
    Icons which are generally programmed into actual applications.
    NOTE: This section is also a catch all for miscellaneous icons.

    Large Icons.
    Icons which are overly large. Because of this, these images are not really part of the icon library. They are included as the images are very clean and parts of them are highly usable for the creation of other icons.


    This collection was developed from the need for a collection of small bitmaps for both programming and X application icons. The library is, in general, freely usable. However some authors of icons have some restrictions and/or copyrights, check the README file in the approprite section you found the icon in. I would appreciate any new icons you may like to add to this collection and can be e-mail'ed to me on, anthony@cit.gu.edu.au.

    If you are looking for a specific icon you can now search the library by filename sub-strings to find an icon you want faster. For example try "shuttle" or "dragon". NOTE: if you don't find what you are looking for first time try a releated subject. EG: "letter", "mail", "post" would find related but different sets of icons.

    You can also download a gzip'ed tar file of the whole library as it stands at this moment. This link causes the whole library to be tar'ed, compressed and sent, so please do this only if you really want the whole library. Each of the sub-sections of the library also has a similar link so you should not need to download everything.

    A Mailing list is now available for discussions about this library. To Subscribe mail the line ``subscribe aicons'' to <majordomo@cit.gu.edu.au>. If you only would like offical release announcements you can subscribe to ``aicons_announce'' instead, at the same address.

    I also recommend that you download the XbmBrowser program (for X Windows) to view the un-tar'ed contents of the library. Without this program (or its equivelent), locating the icon you want to use in any icon library is difficult, simply due to the huge number available. This library would NOT have been possible to maintain without the creation of this program.

    Icons are very difficult to group in a logical way. The orginization represents my own attempt at this near impossible task. Please mail me with any comments or suggestions you may have or your own contributions to this library.

    Dated: 28 May 1995
    Last Update: 16 Feburary 1996
    Anthony Thyssen, < anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>