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Commercial Services

Many services can be accessed through the Internet. As time progresses and more outlets for commercial activity appear, once-restricted traffic (by the NSFnet Acceptable Use Policy) may now flow freely. Now that there are other networks for that information to travel on, businesses are making their move.

Electronic Journals

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) publishes a hard-copy directory of electronic journals, newsletters, and scholarly discussion lists. It is a compilation of entries for hundreds of scholarly lists, dozens of journals and newsletters, and a many ``other'' titles, including newsletter-digests, into one reference source. Each entry includes instructions on how to access the referenced publication or list.

The documents are available electronically by sending the commands

get ejournl1 directry
get ejournl2 directry

to the server at LISTSERV@OTTAWA.BITNET. See section Listservs for further instructions on using a listserv.

The directory, along with a compilation by Diane Kovacs called Directories of Academic E-Mail Conferences, is available in print and on diskette (DOS WordPerfect and MacWord) from:

Office of Scientific & Academic Publishing
Association of Research Libraries
1527 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20036
(202) 232--2466
(202) 462--7849 (Fax)

The ARL is a not-for-profit organization representing over one hundred research libraries in the United States and Canada. The publication is available to ARL members for $10 and to non-members for $20 (add $5 postage per directory for foreign addresses). Orders of six or more copies will receive a 10% discount; all orders must be prepaid and sent to the ARL.

Commercial Databases

The American Institute of Physics maintains the Physics Information Network. It contains the bibliographic SPIN and General Physics Advanced Abstracts databases. Also available is access to bulletin boards and several searchable lists (job notices, announcements, etc). Telnet to pinet.aip.org; new users must log in as NEW and give registration information.

Clarinet News

Clarinet's an electronic publishing network service that provides professional news and information, including live UPI wireservice news, in the Usenet file format. See section Usenet News for more information about Usenet.

Clarinet lets you read an ``electronic newspaper'' right on the local system; you can get timely industry news, technology related wirestories, syndicated columns and features, financial information, stock quotes and more.

Clarinet's provided by using the Usenet message interchange format, and is available via UUCP and other delivery protocols, including NNTP.

The main feature is ClariNews, an ``electronic newspaper,'' gathered live from the wire services of United Press International (UPI). ClariNews articles are distributed in 100 newsgroups based on their subject matter, and are keyworded for additional topics and the geographical location of the story. ClariNews includes headlines, industry news, box scores, network TV schedules, and more. The main products of ClariNews are:

Full information on ClariNet, including subscription information, is available from

Clarinet Communications Corp.
124 King St. North
Waterloo, Ontario  N2J 2X8
(800) USE-NETS

or with anonymous FTP in the directory /Clarinet on ftp.uu.net (see section Anonymous FTP).

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