CSCI P545  Embedded & Real-Time Computing Sun Aug 28 15:47:24 EDT 2011 [SDJ]

Fall 2011

CSCI P545 – Embedded & Real-Time Systems

P545 Laboratory Resources
[PDF] P545 Laboratory Manual (8/28/11)
[HTM] P545 Homework Procedures, instructions for accessing and using the SVN repository.
[SVN] Embedded_Systems SVN repository
[CGI] Indiana University Computer Science Autonomous Golf Cart Project TRAC home.
[HTM] P545 Embedded & Real-Time Systems Public web page.
[.PY] CartFS source (Beware! may be out of date).
Test Field Layouts
[PNG] Standard course markup
[PDF] Waypoint Grid
[FIG] Waypoint Grid drawing file
[.SS] Course calculation software (Scheme)
Lab 1
[HTM] Questions and Comments (Posted 9/13)
[.PY] simplfied square driver.
[.PY] CartFS component square driver
[HTM] documented verstion of
[TXT] Doxygen configuration file.
[TAR] snapshot of /tmp/cartfs