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B441/B541: Digital Hardware Design    Fall 2006

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B442/B542 is scheduled for the Spring 2006 semester. This home page and course documentation are under revision and subject to frequent change.

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Course information
Home Page:
Lectures: Two weekly lectures. Location & schedule TBA
Instructor: Steve Johnson (
Laboratory: One weekly laboratory meeting, attendence required; LH008, schedule TBA
Lab open to registered students all hours.
Lab Instructor: Caleb Hess (
Franklin Prosser and David Winkel, The Art of Digital Design,
Won't be used, but if you would like to review a copy, see the instructor
Draft textbook revision
In progress. Will be distributed electronically
Logic Engine User Manual.
This version is out of date.
Additional technical documents for the laboratory will be distributed in class and/or posted to this web page. 

§ Catalog description

P442 Digital Systems (4 cr.) P: B441. Elements of computer architecture construction of hardware systems, emphasizing a combination of components to form systems, and applications of general principles of computing to digital implementation. Lecture and laboratory.
P542 Hardware System Design II (3 cr.) P: B541 or B441. Depending on instructor, a selection of topics in system-level design, such as simulation, logic synthesis, high-level synthesis, codesign, embedded software, verification, test, requirements specification, and others. Computer-aided design tools. Projects in system-level design. Lecture and laboratory.

§ Objectives
To appear. Consult the Instructor.

§ Course Topics and Lectures
To appear. Consult the Instructor.

§ Evaluation.
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