CSCI P415/515 Thu Mar 10 11:40:48 EST 2011 [SDJ]

The Pentium™ "Bug" Reading List

  1. Alan Edelman. The mathematics of the Pentium Bug. SIAM Review 39(1):54–67 (March 1997). [PDF]

    Most often cited explanation of the nature of the alleged error.

  2. Vaughn Pratt. Anatomy of the Pentium bug. TAPSOFT '95: Theory and Practice of Software Development, in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol. 915, Springer-Verlag, 1995 pp.97–107. [PDF]

    Contributes experimental evidence of higher error frequency than claimed by Intel.

  3. Ramdal E. Bryant. Implementing computer arithmetic. CS 15-347 Lecture Presentation, Carneigie Mellon University, January 1998

    Relatively clear informal presentation of the error. Good historical chronology. Very good summary.

  4. W. Kahan. Beastly numbers. University of California Berkeley Departments of Mathematics and EECS. Report #1776 (13 January 1996).

    Describes another bug (FIST) in the Pentium.

  5. W. Kahan. A Test for SRT Division. Work-in-progress draft (15 March 1995). [TXT]

    Describes a testing algorithm for quotient look-up tables that lie at the center of the Pentium Bug.

  6. H. P. Sharangpani and M. L. Barton. Statistical analysis of folating point flaw in the Pentium™ processor (1994). Intel Corporation, 30 November 1994.

  7. Harold Ruess, Natarajan Shankar and Mandyam K Srivas. Modular Verification of SRT Division. Formal Methods in System Design, 14:45–73. Kluwer, 1999. [HTM]

    One of serveral articles on using theorem provers to verify SRT Division. The table construct in PVS is used to advantage.

  8. Paul S. Miner. Hardware Verification using Coinductive Assertions. Indiana University Computer Science Department Technical Report TR510. PhD dissertation, 1998. [HTM]

    Chapter 6 deals with Floating Point Division