P415/P515 Homework Procedures

This class uses Subversion (SVN), a version-control system for multi-person projects. We do not require all of SVN's functionality in this course; it just serves as a homework depository. To turn an assignment in, you will post ("up-load") a local copy of your work SVN. The instructor will also post grading information, which you can retrieve periodically by updating your local copy.

You will need to conform to a standard file organization for the homework, but you may also create additional directories for maintaining other activities relating to the course, such as presentations.

Homework Organization

The SVN repository contains a directory called class/ For each participant, there is a password-protected subdirectory class/logid/, where logid is your IUCS login name. class/logid/ is initialized with subdirectories 0/, 1/, ... 10/, and project/ for your homework assignments and course project.


There are on-line SVN user manuals on the web [HTM]. Chapter 2 (Basic Usage) covers the commands we need. In fact, the example that follows should be adequate for posting homework.

  • SVN reports everything that has been changed in the repository. You can also verify the content of your sub-directory, class/loginID/* through your browser.