CSCI B481 "Interactive Graphics"
with Unity 3D - Fall 2021

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CSCI-B481 / Fall 2021:

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Scene illumination: illumination, texture and bump mapping, and surface animation all implemented by student.
Point-light source illumination, separate texture and bump maps, and animation, are all generated procedurally.
Additional effects in water wave shader implementing: cube map, light reflection, texture and vertex animation, combined to simulate water waves.
(above shown excerpt from one of the programming assignments)
Another scene illumination: illumination, texture mapping, and terrain generation all implemented by student.
Two (tinted) point-light sources, two separate textures; procedurally generated surface model.
Additional effect: water surface reflection animation.
(above shown excerpt from one of the programming assignments)
A basic animation example is shown below: implementing a "robot arm" in the Unity IDE, with scene modeling details and C# scripting connections.
The left side panel shows the hierarchy of 3D objects (all rectangle-shaped boxes) in this 3D scene.
The right side panel shows how each element in the 3D scene is connected to a (Transform) variable, used by the C# script to animate the robot arm.
Object Hierarchy in Unity IDE Scene Display in Unity IDE Script Connections in Unity IDE
(above shown excerpt from one of the lab tasks)