Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 00:40:03 -0500 (EST)
From: Adrian German <>
To: Craig Shue <>
Cc: Minh Tang <>
Subject: Re: lab this week 

I am grading Homework One now. Next week (not this one) I am making
plans for us to catch up on all assignments. Key to doing that is the
lab this week and their starting on writing programs in CGI/perl w/hf
PHP w/hf and PHP w/sessions. I will send you a list of things for us
to do in lab next week after this week's lab on Fri.

Thanks, all the best. BTW most of them don't have crontabs since the
servers were downed yesterday and not many work now. So next week we
will make a complete check-up, following a list I will send you Sat.

... Adrian

On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, Adrian German wrote:

> Here's the basic idea. Quickly take attendance, then ask the students to
> a) go to
> b) take the script under Sat Feb 4, and install it in their cgi-bin folder
> c) verify that it works, then
> d) produce PHP versions of it w/ and w/out sessions
> While they do this you go and help them as much as possible. I mean just
> go and push them from behind. Write a bit of code, explain, tell them that
> they can talk to each other, the key issue is for them to try, and for you
> to see them in action and help them do it. After an hour you can show them
> how it should be done (if necessary). You can show only what you need to,
> based on the interaction.
> Second hour: ask them to implement the "first to 100 wins" game. It goes
> like this. Game starts at 0, and the user is first to move. A legal move
> is adding a number between 1-10 to the pile, which starts at 0 (zero).
> When the user moves, the user chooses such a number and submits it. The
> computer adds it to the pile, checks to see if the game just ended, then
> the computer moves. Computer moves are random legal moves. The user may
> make a mistake in which case the move is simply not accepted. The player
> that makes the pile 100 or higher wins.
> Ask them to write a program for a game in that hour. CGI, or PHP (hidden
> variables or sessions). Up to them. Just to do it, one program for this
> problem. Then for next lab finish the other two versions (all three, in
> fact).
> Send me the list of usernames after the lab.
> A Java game that implements the game is listed under Wed Feb 8 on the
> What's New? page. Compile the file and then run java Program. It might
> be confusing to explain the code to them, but running the program is
> definitely useful, to understand how the game is played. Later we will
> show that writing such a mock-up could be a very useful first step.
> ... Adrian