Spring Semester 2005

The R2P Project: Participants

The real website will be up soon, meanwhile here's a list, below:

  1. Shai Shefer (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, PHP, Flash)
  2. Mark Hursh (has created to logos already)
  3. Tom Murphy (could offer some advice with the logos as well)
  4. YenShuo Chen (interested in the project)
  5. Adam Lueken (still interested, wants Ryan's e-mail for graphics)
  6. Byron Wong (still interested in the project)
  7. Derrick Cash (still very interested in the project)
  8. Nate Garrett (interested in the project, knows people from Loogootee)
  9. Kelly Murray (most definitely interested in doing this project)
  10. Chris Hardy (still interested in the project)
  11. Subashini Periyasami (still interested, website design)
  12. Louie Herr (has thought about and is interested)
  13. Bryon Czoch (still would like to work on the project)
  14. Wynand, Louw (yes)
  15. Ben Zemel (would like to participate, experienced with design)
  16. Ross Cosner (would like to participate at some level)
  17. Josh Baechle (switching to this project)
  18. Christian Beck (not sure, tentatively)
  19. Randall Sundt (still interested, Flash, has been working with philantropic organizations a lot)
  20. Sangsook Bae (interested)
  21. Hyewon Ko (also interested)
  22. Tim Herr (not sure)
  23. Steve Cochrane (could also help with the logo)
  24. Erik Johnson (interested but still not sure)
  25. Li Fu (just joined on Tue)
  26. Adam Snetiker (still interested in the project)

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