Help with Homework Two

Spring Semester 2004

Here's a pattern promised on Tuesday.

use CGI; 
$device = new CGI; 

$stamp = $device->param('stamp'); # that's part of retrieving the state 
# you need to do the same for $userScore, $computerScore, and even $computer

if ($stamp) { # we are dealing with a user (we can see the stamp) 

  # you have $computer from when you retrieved the state you just need to 
  # read input now ($user) to factor it into the change of state, so... 
  $user = $device->param('user'); 

  if (($user + 1) % 3 == $computer) { # user wins (note the convention though) 
    # you have the score for the user from when you retrieved the state 
    $scoreUser += 1; 
  } else { 
    # everything else comes here (and there are two more cases) 

  # part of the state is a (new) choice for the computer 
  $computer = int(rand(3)); # remember that the choices are encoded as numbers 
                            # the order is important in the test above 
                            # 0 for paper, 1 for rock, and 2 for scissors is OK 
                            # any circular permutation of this would be OK also 
  # now you have updated the state 

} else { # no stamp that means you have no ticket. The game starts for you now. 

  # initialize the state 
  $scoreUser = 0; 
  $scoreComputer = 0; 
  $stamp = "yes"; 
  # part of the state is a (new, fresh) choice for the computer 
  $computer = int(rand(3)); 

# after this if statement you're ready to store and report the state 

print qq{
  <form ...>

    <input type="hidden" name="stamp" value="$stamp"> <!--this is a watermark for $stamp-> 
    <!--you need watermarks for each of: $computer, $scoreComputer, and $scoreUser as well-> 

# you will need this for the conversion, see below 
@choices = ("paper", "rock", "scissors"); 

print qq{ 
    <--you have now stored the state. Now get ready for reporting it (the state, that is):-> 
    The computer has chosen ($choices[$computer]). <p> 
    <--you also need to report the score(s) as well... I'll let you do that but don't forget it-> 

    <--and when all is said and done you need to get ready for more input-> 
    Now it's your turn: <input type="select" name="user"> 
      <option value="click me!"> Click me! 
      <option value="0"> Paper 
      <option value="1"> Rock
      <option value="2"> Scissors 

    When ready with your choice please press <input type="submit" value="Proceed">
We worked this out on Wednesday, during office hours.

Don't forget that

Posted on Wed Feb 4 20:44:55 EST 2004 by Adrian German for A348/A548