Spring Semester 2004

There will soon be links here to your web sites for complete descriptions.

The exam is open source but the problem chosen must be unique.

  1. Tiffanie Shakespeare: an online bank account (with modifications).

  2. Joseph J. "Chance" Garcia: black-red-high-low card game.

  3. Sean Smith: Blackjack.

  4. Michelle Kwasny: "guess that celebrity" game.

  5. Aaron M. Bond: "find the red card" game (any variation of it).

  6. Dan Pierz: "guess the state capitals" (for the whole of the US).

  7. Kyle O'Connor: "ten card war game"

  8. Zaw Htut: auction against the computer.

  9. Mike Sebeckis: animal flash cards for kids.

  10. Jake Barna: shapes and sizes.

  11. Amy Young: simple match game.

  12. Ning Zou: survey program.

  13. Todd Waugh: modified version of battleship.

  14. Don Heintzman: the game of craps.

  15. Kevin Mauer: modified version of the classic card war game.

  16. Mike Trelinski: Tic-tac-toe.

  17. Zach Lipp: draw that three before the dealer.

  18. Dan Pierce: "go fish!"

  19. Craig Regester: word scramble.

  20. Alex Zamudio: bowling game.

  21. Dan Kilgore: old maid card game with three automated players.

  22. Ryan Hardy: timed tests

  23. Muna Adhamy: mastermind

  24. Stacey Sutton: yahtzee

  25. Durgesh Dewoolkar: mine sweeper

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