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Spring Semester 2004

A348 Web-based Bulletin Board

Week 17 (May 3-8) Final Exams Days
Week 16 (Apr 26-May 1) Lecture Apr 27 Lecture Apr 29 Labs Apr 29-30
Week 15 (Apr 19-24) Lecture Apr 20 Lecture Apr 22 Labs Apr 22-23
Week 14 (Apr 12-17) Lecture Apr 13 Lecture Apr 15 Labs Apr 15-16 Project Milestones
Week 13 (Apr 5-10) Lecture Apr 6 Lecture Apr 8 Labs Apr 8-9 Homework Seven (last)
Week 12 (Mar 29-Apr 3) Lecture Mar 30
(Server-side Java)
Lecture Apr 1
Labs Apr 1-2 Homework Six
Week 11 (Mar 22-27) Lecture Mar 23
(Javascript Cart)
Lecture Mar 25
(The Big Picture)
Labs Mar 25-26
(Help w/ HW5)
Homework Five
Week 10 (Mar 15-20) SPRING BREAK
Week 9 (Mar 8-13) Lecture Mar 9
(PHP Cart)
Lecture Mar 11
(Basic Javascript)
Labs Mar 11-12
Practical Exam
Week 8 (Mar 1-7) Lecture Mar 2
An Example
Labs Mar 5-6
Midterm Exam
Week 7 (Feb 23-28) Lecture Feb 24
(Basic PHP)
Lecture Feb 26
(More PHP)
Labs Feb 26-27
Project Milestones
(Statements of Intent)
Week 6 (Feb 16-21) Lecture Feb 17
(Server State)
Lecture Feb 19
(PHP Sessions)
Labs Feb 19-20
(CGI Sessions)
Homework Four
(Midterm Prep)
Week 5 (Feb 9-14) Lecture Feb 10
Lecture Feb 12
(Client State)
Labs Feb 12-13
Homework Three
(Web Databases)
Week 4 (Feb 2-7) Lecture Feb 3
Lecture Feb 5
(Basic Java)
Labs Feb 5-6
Assignments Template
(Uniform Grading)
Week 3 (Jan 26-30) Lecture Jan 27
(Circular Scripts)
Lecture Jan 29
(Keeping State)
Labs Jan 29-30
(Protected Folders)
Homework Two
(A Pattern of Development)
Week 2 (Jan 19-24) Lecture Jan 20
(Process IDs)
Lecture Jan 22
(Perl, CGI)
Labs Jan 22-23
(Basic CGI)
Homework One
Useful link (tutorials)
Week 1 (Jan 12-17) Lecture Jan 13
(HTML, Unix)
Lecture Jan 15
Labs Jan 15-16
(Getting Started)
Virtual Library (search for Apache)
(Tremendous Resource for IU)

Class Resources

Here are your instructors for the semester:
Adrian German
Lecturer (dgerman)
Alex Leykin
AI (oleykin)
Fulya Erdinc
AI (ferdinc)
Shakila Shayan
AI (sshayan)

Here also is a tentative list of assignments of labs and office hours:

1339 thu se045 4:40pm- 5:30pm ferdinc
1340 thu bh107 4:40pm- 5:30pm oleykin
1341 fri lh023 10:10am-11:00am dgerman
1342 fri lh023 11:15am-12:05pm sshayan
Office hours when m(2-4) w(12:15-2:15) mtwrf(2:30-3:30) f(9-11)
where lh201 lh112 lh201d lh201


Course grades will be determined as follows:

Component Category Weight
Seven Assignments HWK 30%
Group Project PRJ 15%
Midterm Exam MID 15%
Final Exam FIN 15%
Lab Assignments (about 12) LAB 20%
Minute Papers (about 28) MIN 5%

The overall cutoff scale is as follows:

0-54 55-65 66-67 68-69 70-75 76-77 78-79 80-85 86-87 88-89 90-95 96-100
F D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A A+


Based on the posted materials the semester will look like this:

Week 1 Unix, Apache, HTML Homework One posted.
Week 2 Unix Processes, Perl, Crontab, Basic CGI Homework Two posted.
Semester Project defined.
Week 3 CGI, Intro to Databases: MySQL Homework Three posted.
Week 4 Web Programming Pattern: Keeping State.,, HTTP. Sessions and CGI.
Week 5 Object-Oriented Perl. Java. Installing PHP. Homework Four posted.
Week 6 Basic PHP: Sessions, Hashtables,
Functions, Arrays and Database Access.
Week 7 Midterm Review Homework Five posted.
Week 8 DHTML and JavaScript. DOM and XML. Project Milestones due.
Week 9 Java applets. Installing Tomcat/JBoss. Homework Six posted.
Week 10 Spring Break
Week 11 Server-side Java:
Java Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP)
Week 12 JDBC.
Applet to servlet communication.
Java RMI.
Homework Seven (last) posted.
Week 13 Introduction to XML and XSLT.
XML-RPC vs. Java RMI.
Week 14 Introduction to Flash MX
Week 15 Multiplayer Games with Java and Flash MX
Week 16 Final Exam Review. Projects due now.
Week 17 Final Exam Days

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