CSCI A348/548
Mastering the World-Wide Web

Fall 2000

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A348 Mastering the World Wide Web (4/3 cr.) P: two semesters of programming experience, or equivalent, and some knowledge of operating systems. Project-oriented course leading to ability to maintain a fully functional web site. Topics include internet network protocols and web programming, server administration, protocols, site design, and searching and indexing technologies.

Dan-Adrian GERMAN (, 5-7071 LH301G)
Associate Instructors:
Xuejun DENG (

Classes: two lectures and one of two discussion sections/labs per week.

1345/55  Lecture     Adrian   TR    7:00P-8:15P     LH102
1346/56  Discussion  Xuejun   W     4:40P-5:30P     LH115
1347/57  Discussion  Xuejun   R     4:40P-5:30P     LH115
9403/05  Discussion  Bob      W     5:45P-6:35P     LH115 
9404/06  Discussion  Bob      R     5:45P-6:35P     LH115 

Assignments: 6-7 homework assignments, 6-7 in-lab assignments, 6-7 takehome quizzes.
Projects: One team project, coordinated by the instructors.
Exams: Two in-class exams: midterm and final. Exams are closed book.

Communication and feedback: a web course home page, an electronic bulletin board (ac.csci.a348), regular e-mail, office hours and individual scheduled appointments will be available to students.

Office Hours: by appointment or as listed.

Offered by the Computer Science Department at Indiana University Bloomington